Residents of a small village in Bucks are in uproar as a local car park that has been free for over 30 years is now charging drivers.

Mill End car park is located near Hambleden village, which is just outside Marlow, and the facility has recently started charging for its use with locals claiming it is “outrageous” that people are being charged to park there.

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The car park was sold by Wycombe District Council to a local estate in 2016 but charges have only been added recently.

A resident said: “The land was set aside by the then owner of the village and we cannot believe that a right of passage has not been established after so many decades.

“For decades we have just popped our cars into the area to take our dogs for a walk.

“Surely the first hour could be free for locals at the very least.”

There have also been concerns that residents are now parking on nearby roads causing potential accidents.

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They continued: “The results in that people are now parking on narrow lanes in the area in passing places causing dangers and accidents as two cars can no longer pass each other.

“How can this have been allowed to happen without public consultation.”

We have reached out to the landowner for a comment.