PUBLIC safety concerns have sounded about a scooter trial which prompted a politician to say a review is needed.

Cllr Richard Lloyd backed the concerns of a resident who highlighted a “major health and safety issue” relating to a Zipp Mobility e-scooter “island” on the Bierton Road, in Aylesbury, in saying the ‘location needs reviewing’.

Mr Richard Conlon said ‘more needed to be done’ to protect the public from scooters he said it was “quite typical” to find tipped over at the spot opposite The Weavers pub, especially for those who have trouble seeing.

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Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: The “badly placed” parking bays on Cambridge Street

Mr Conlon highlighted a similar issue to Buckinghamshire Council back in November and December, when he claimed two parking bays on Cambridge Street were “badly placed” because they forced socially-distanced people close together – which was exacerbated by fast-food couriers who also ‘regularly park there’ and exit on to the A418.

“All space needed,” tweeted Mr Conlon at the time. “Such footpath obstacles [are] very dangerous.”

Mr Conlon also said he had seen people riding the scooters on paths “on at least three occasions”.

He added that while he is not against the scheme, “consideration for footpath users is essential”.

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Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: It is “quite typical” to see this opposite The Weavers pub

Upon learning of the Bierton Road bays, Cllr Lloyd tweeted: “I’d not seen your original comments on that location, but it does need reviewing.

“I had contacted [Bucks Council] about a different location and I understand that the review of the project is imminent so will also feed back on the Bierton Road.”

“If #ZippScooters are staying in Aylesbury (after six month trial), more needs to be done now for [the] safety of partially-sighted/white-stick pathway users,” tweeted Mr Conlon on February 16.

“Major health and safety issue featured from Bierton Road.”

A three-month review of the trials is expected shortly.

Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: Cllr Lloyd's tweet

Cabinet member for sports and leisure, Cllr Clive Harriss, said the authority would “always review any areas of concern raised during the scooter trials”.

He added: “Working closely with our operators, Zipp Mobility, we’ve been very careful not to compromise safety and accessibility for any road users, particularly with the location of the scooter parking bays. We consulted with disability groups before the trial began to ensure there would be no effect on our more vulnerable road users and this engagement has continued whilst the trial has been in operation. We have and will continue to review any parking bay locations based on feedback from stakeholders, throughout the trial period.

“On the whole, feedback from the trails has been extremely positive. Judging by the usage levels in both town trial areas, ‘scootering’ is providing an important new travel option for local people, particularly for making those essential, shorter trips. We remind users to park scooters properly within the marked bays however in a small number of cases, it is possible they are being pushed to the ground or blown over in heavy winds.

“In terms of poor riding, we are also able to track scooter users and if a member of the public reports the date and time of any abuse of the scooters or riding on footways, that are not shared cycleways, then these can be tracked back to the user. Our operator is then able to send them additional information on correct usage. In extreme cases we are able to ban users if poor riding continues.”

24-hour support is available via the Zipp Mobility app to report issues including abandoned e-scooters, riding on pavements or poor parking.

Reports can also be made via

Picture credit to Richard Conlon

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