There was a double cause for celebration at two Buckinghamshire care homes as residents reached milestone birthdays.

Barbara Wood, who moved into Sir Aubrey Ward in Marlow just after she turned 100, celebrated her 101st birthday on February 13.

It comes after she contracted Covid-19 at the end of December, but went on to make a remarkable full recovery.

She also fulfilled her birthday wish - to get the Covid-19 vaccine. She said: “I’ve made a full recovery and have now been vaccinated - I am so grateful. I was overwhelmed with the effort everyone went to for my birthday. I was thoroughly spoilt and feel very lucky indeed.”

The Fremantle Trust’s Sir Aubrey Ward home manager Julie Canale said: “Turning 101 is obviously something special, but turning 101 having survived coronavirus is cause for even greater celebration and the team really put on a great party for Barbara.”

Meanwhile, Peggy Graham, who lives at Farnham Common House in Farnham Common, celebrated her 100th birthday on February 7.

Peggy was treated to a telegram from the Queen and three birthday cakes - one for each digit of her age.

Peggy also had a number of safe and socially-distanced visitors throughout the day, including family members, chairman of Farnham Royal Parish Council Paul Rowley and Dev Dhillon, Buckinghamshire councillor.

When asked what her secret to living a long life was, Peggy said: “I spent much of my life playing sport and staying active as well as 47 years in South Africa where the weather is beautiful, so I think that has helped.”

Mark Webb-Austin, director of operations at The Fremantle Trust, said: “It’s been fabulous to celebrate Barbara and Peggy’s landmark birthdays.

“We’ve made every effort to facilitate safe visiting and it’s fantastic Barbara and Peggy were able to see their families.”