A “MOUNTAIN” of rubbish has been allowed to pile up at a block of flats for ten weeks which residents have branded a “fire risk” and criticised the council for failing to provide a basic collection service.

Buckinghamshire Council has come under fire for allegedly performing one recycling collection in 11 weeks at Park House, on London Road, in High Wycombe.

Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: Google Maps image of Park House on London Road

Resident Paul Tebbs said a collection was made in early January after he complained but nothing since.

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He also said the council “promised” a collection would happen within two days after another complaint on February 10. “This hasn’t happened,” said Mr Tebbs.

He criticised the council’s website when attempting to report a missed collection: “It states, very frustratingly, that there is a reason why collections are not taking place for my postcode and that is due to us not reporting a missed collection within two days of it being missed – this is absolute nonsense.”

Mr Tebbs claimed residents are collectively paying £1,800 a month in council tax but that “the council is not delivering on a key service they have a duty to provide”.

Images show cardboard boxes, bottles, cans and cartons piled high on top of already full bins.

Bucks Free Press: "@BucksCouncil this is what 10 weeks without a recycling collection looks like," tweeted Mr Tebbs on February 15. "What on earth is going on?"

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“Our bin store is a complete mess and everyone in the building dreads going in there,” said Mr Tebbs.

“The mountain of cardboard is no doubt a fire risk and we just want the council to do their job and get it sorted.

“Several of us have had to take a few trips to the local tip, which isn’t how we want to be spending our weekends.

“It’s so frustrating to have to chase the council for one of the basic services that, collectively, we’re paying £1,800 per month council tax for.”

In an online response, Buckinghamshire Council tweeted: “This case is currently in progress and has a target execution date of 24/02/2021.”

Buckinghamshire Council was approached for comment.

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