A four stage lockdown exit plan has revealed in a bid to get life back to normal in the UK.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed the government's strategy in the House of Commons today (Febaruary 22).


Bucks Free Press:

By March 8, all schools and colleges will open for all students 

Recreation or exercise will be allowed outdoors with your household or one other person.

No household mixing will be allowed indoors.

Wraparound childcare. 

People are still encouraged to stay at home.

Bucks Free Press:

March 29

Rule of six or two households can meet outdoors. No household mixing indoors.

Outdoor sport and leisure facilities is permitted

Organised outdoor sport will be allowed for children and adults.

Travel is still limited and no holidays are allowed.

STEP 2 -  At least five weeks after Step 1, no earlier than April 12 

Bucks Free Press:

Indoor exercise including gyms will be allowed.

Zoos, theme parks and drive-in cinemas will reopen as will community libraries. 

All shops and non essential will open. 

Hairdressing and barbers will reopen.

Restaurants are also expected to reopen

Event pilots begin. 

STEP 3 - At least give weeks after Step 2, no earlier than 17 May.

Bucks Free Press:

Indoor entertainment and attractions open. 

30 person limit outdoors, rule of 6 or two households indoors (subject to review). 

Domestic overnight stays permitted

Organised indoor adult sport

Most significant life events, including weddings, wakes, funerals allowed.

Outdoor performances 

Internatoinal travel subject to review

Some large events 

STEP 4 - Atleast least five weeks after step 3, no earleir than 21 June. 

Bucks Free Press:

No legal limits on social contact


No legal limit on weddings, life events

Large events permitted