HUNDREDS of people have given their view of new width restriction measures for Marlow Bridge.

Residents took to social media to critique the “new look” bollards installed on the iconic bridge, with many mixed responses.

Nearly 500 people contributed.

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Bucks Free Press:

RESIDENT: 'They’re not for cosmetic gain, they’re for a purpose'

Some seemed sceptical. “I’m starting a book on how many people damage their vehicles in the first week,” wrote one person.

“Wow – the body shops will be busy,” wrote another.

“Why don’t they just put height restriction barriers up?” wrote someone else.

“I can see those being a big problem for normal cars, let alone those vehicles that shouldn’t even be using the bridge, especially at night,” wrote another person.

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Whereas others were more in favour. “I have zero sympathy, great bollards,” wrote one person.

“That’ll do the trick,” wrote another.

“They’re not for cosmetic gain, they’re for a purpose,” wrote someone else.

“Wow – they look the business,” wrote another person.

Someone else wrote: “I’ll be playing The Who’s Pinball Wizard on the stereo every time I drive through.”

The historic bridge has seen its share of drama throughout the years, with HGVs exceeding its three-tonne weight limit.

“Enhancement works” to stop heavy goods vehicles crossing in the future were scheduled between Monday, February 15, and Friday, February 19, according to Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB).

Main image courtesy of Alix Katrina French Brown.

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