This is what your star sign has in store for your love life, relationships and career the week starting Saturday, February 27.


A friend needs support. If a team of you can get together to share your different skills, you could easily make short work of their problem. This is where your charm and wonderful powers of persuasion will come in useful. It will feel good to join forces with some talented people to help someone out when they need it. Your love life may not be all plain sailing. There are a number of areas of contention but don’t let this hold you back from airing your feelings.


Someone at home is making future travel plans. They want to continue a family tradition which was interrupted last year due to restrictions on journeying. You can understand why this is important to them but you had other ideas. If you want something different, make your wishes known. This could be a profitable time for business and work concerns. There will be challenges ahead but you will have more than enough confidence to help you along.


Rules, regulations, commitments to friends and obligations to the family make you feel restricted. You’re doing your best to be flexible and yet you still can’t keep on top of it all. You want to escape but you feel obligated to remain. Reach out for help should you need it. Someone with the gift of the gab will try to get you interested in a money-making venture. Money will not be made through risky ventures with dozens of loopholes.


Sometimes you will do anything to keep other people happy. Some thought may be necessary when you feel you are being pushed into a role that might not be good for you. This will involve extra responsibility which may be more to the advantage of others than of any benefit to you. A senior colleague who is not someone you hold in high regard will recommend you for a plum assignment. You might be surprised by how good this makes you feel.


A younger colleague needs some guidance even though they will, at first, reject your efforts to assist. It will take patience to explain they can’t blame their tools for all their problems. They aren’t doing the job right and once they acknowledge they are to blame, their performance will improve. The chance to enjoy a change of scenery will be a one you will jump at. Even so, the quieter the surroundings, the better, as far as you are concerned.


You have been wondering whether to pull out of a team effort. You hadn’t felt you could contribute anything worthwhile. Someone will praise you for your recent performance and this will take you by surprise. A pat on the back for your recent hard work will give you that extra incentive to drive yourself towards your goals. A neighbour has something on their mind they would like to discuss with you and they are waiting for the right moment. What they eventually tell you will give you food for thought.


You have been secretly brooding over changes you’ve noticed in a close relationship. Worries about whether someone is starting to drift away from you has caused you to be a little curt with them. When they instigate a heart to heart conversation, take this chance to get closer once again. In romance and in your closest relationships, aim to show more of your feelings. The more open and honest you are about important concerns, the less chance there will be for mix-ups and misunderstandings.


There may be a need to keep your thoughts to yourself when discussing a touchy topic in the home. In the workplace, remain silent about matters that could cause contention. You don’t want to rock the boat no matter where you happen to be. Opportunities you run into at this time should be approached with caution. Someone could be making out an offer is too good to miss when in fact you shouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.


A friendship that has been going through a lot of problems will take a turn for the better. With things between you having been more than a little turbulent, this will bring a sense of relief. You’re ready to put some difficulties behind you. A legal matter has dragged on for too long and has caused you many sleepless nights. You now feel ready to carefully consider whether an equally good way forward could be found in a less formal way.


If your partner happens to be extra loving, be sure to make the most of it. If on the other hand they seem tense and on edge then the best thing to do is give them some space. It won’t be long before they’re back to their normal selves. Touchy topics could cause tension in the workplace. Since you have a fair idea what these are, you will be able to avoid them and talk about matters that are less contentious.


You’re involved in important discussions and decisions made will have a big effect on other people’s lives. Packages of support are being put in place but there are still details you need assurance on before they can be introduced. You need guidance on how to measure progress and you will work with a team to ensure the best arrangements are agreed. In a disagreement with an older relative, you will have evidence needed to prove them wrong.


You’re looking to begin something new. Since you don’t want anyone to feel you have let them down be sure to agree on what must be done to fulfil current obligations. Then you will be free make a start on other projects. If you need advice about a legal or medical matter, it is vital you approach someone who is qualified. It isn’t sensible or wise to listen to the words of a friend or neighbour who has no real experience in these matters.