A Buckinghamshire MP believes ‘enough is enough’ as he thinks the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway which will run through Milton Keynes, should be scrapped.

The potential new dual carriageway is currently being built next to the A34 near Oxford and the A14 near Cambridge, via (or near) Milton Keynes, which will see the road be linked with existing roads.

However, the development has been halted since March 2020 and as of February 2021, the project has not restarted.

Now, Buckingham MP Greg Smith hopes that the plans could be scrapped, as he has written a letter to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, regarding his concerns.

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The project was officially paused on March 3, 2020.

In a letter to Grant Shapps, Mr Smith says: "I remain grateful for the time you have given me to discuss this project since the 2019 General Election campaign, enabling me to directly make the case as to why the Expressway would be a disaster for Buckinghamshire, particularly in terms of the environmental destruction it would bring.

The development will be connected to the A413 


"I am equally encouraged that the project has been paused for so long, with absolutely no work being carried out to progress it in any way.

“However, I write today to urge you to fully and formally cancel this proposed new road, so my constituents can have certainty and peace of mind that the threat is over.

"I cannot stress enough the anxiety that unwanted and destructive proposals like the Expressway bring to my constituents.

“The situation is particularly stark given the devastation High Speed Two is already bringing to our doorstep.

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"You have heard the arguments against this road many times. It cannot be right, as the government focuses on delivering the net-zero commitment by 2050 to carve out another massive corridor of Buckinghamshire for what is essentially a new motorway.

“Enough is enough, it is time to firmly end the Expressway nightmare."

Away from the potential new carriageway, Mr Smith has revealed that he supports the East-West rail scheme which is currently underway.

The railway line will bring improved rail links to the constituency with a new station at Winslow.