There have been strong objections to an “inappropriate” planning application for a battery energy storage facility to be installed in Little Marlow Country Park on Green Belt land off Coldmoorholme Lane.

The application seeks temporary planning permission to undertake the development work required for the construction and operation of a battery energy storage facility.

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Plans say the core objective and purpose of the development would feed standby energy into the main network and support supplies into Heathrow Airport.

However, the Little Marlow council has objected to plans saying the development is “inappropriate” and is “not justified” by any of the exceptions listed in policy DM42 of the Wycombe District Local Plan.

The statement also reads: “The harm to the green belt is not reduced by the reduction in the size and scale of the development.”

Buckinghamshire Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) has also reviewed the information and has objected to the proposed development wanting information regarding the proposed surface water drainage scheme.

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The plans have been met with outrage by residents, who claim the positives of the application don’t out weight the damage it could do to the greenbelt.

Objecting to the plans Sam Kershaw wrote: “It is an inappropriate development in the Green Belt whose harm is not outweighed by its support for renewable energy.”

Bucks Free Press: the view from Coldmoorholme Lane where the existing access would have to be widenedthe view from Coldmoorholme Lane where the existing access would have to be widened

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Other residents want further justification surrounding whether Heathrow requires the technology.

Jason Downes on behalf of Little Marlow Residents' Association wrote: “The applicant cites the Heathrow Airport expansion plans as justification for their development, however there is no tangible connection between the two and no attempt has been made to link the two in the application.

“Heathrow itself makes no case for the requirement for this kind of technology in any of its public consultation documentation online and Heathrow has not submitted support for this application in any way”

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Another Little Marlow reside Guy Carter said that lockdown has proved the importance of having green open space

He wrote: “This is a totally inappropriate development in an area that has been designated as a Country Park.

“If the lockdown has taught us anything then it's the crucial importance of having green, open spaces in which to enjoy, exercise and explore”

To view the full planning application visit here.