Buckinghamshire Council has confirmed the new South African variant was detected in the county.

All households in the Wooburn Green area, where the novel variant was detected, will receive a home testing kit from Thursday, February 25 until Tuesday March 2.

These tests can be taken at home and will then be collected later that day by a council volunteer.

FOLLOW LIVE: The latest updates as surge testing starts today

If there is no-one at home, a leaflet will be dropped through the door explaining how to get a test.

The table below shows postcodes that should be receiving a test soon.

Check or search the table for your postcode if you live in the Wooburn Green area (Flackwell Heath not included - see below)

The council has not released the exact details of which homes in Flackwell Heath are within the surge testing area. But you can visit their postcode checker to find out the latest changes.  

The Wooburn list again in full:

HP10 0AA Holtspur Lane

HP10 0AD Holtspur Lane

HP10 0AE Holtspur Lane

HP10 0AF Holtspur Lane

HP10 0AG Walnut Grove

HP10 0AL Walnut Grove

HP10 0AN Hibberts Meadow

HP10 0AP Watery Lane

HP10 0AQ Rivers Edge

HP10 0AT Goodwin Meadows

HP10 0AU Holtspur Lane

HP10 0AX Holtspur Lane

HP10 0AZ Holtspur Lane

HP10 0BA Five Acres

HP10 0BD Holtspur Avenue

HP10 0BE Hill Close

HP10 0BG Holtspur Avenue

HP10 0BH Five Acres

HP10 0BJ Holtspur Avenue

HP10 0BL Hill Farm Approach

HP10 0BN Glory Close

HP10 0BP Northcroft

HP10 0BQ Farm Lea

HP10 0BS Northcroft

HP10 0BT Rushburn

HP10 0BU Northcroft

HP10 0BW Rushburn

HP10 0BX Glory Mill Lane

HP10 0BY Glory Mill Lane

HP10 0BZ Northcroft

HP10 0DA Hedge Lea

HP10 0DD Tudor Drive

HP10 0DE Juniper Lane

HP10 0DF Glory Park Avenue

HP10 0DG Riverside West

HP10 0DH Boundary Road

HP10 0DJ Boundary Road

HP10 0DL Boundary Road

HP10 0DP Clapton Approach

HP10 0DR Boundary Place

HP10 0DS Revel Road

HP10 0DT Boundary Road

HP10 0DU Wye Road

HP10 0DW Clapton Approach

HP10 0DX Meare Estate

HP10 0EA Manor Gardens

HP10 0EE The Green

HP10 0EF The Green

HP10 0EG Windsor Lane

HP10 0EH Windsor Hill

HP10 0EJ The Green

HP10 0EL Town Lane

HP10 0EN Western Drive

HP10 0EP Wooburn Manor Park

HP10 0ER Wooburn Manor Park

HP10 0ES Wooburn Manor Park

HP10 0ET Wooburn Manor Park

HP10 0EU The Green

HP10 0EW Bishops Walk

HP10 0EX Whitepit Lane

HP10 0FA Poplar Road

HP10 0FB Chalkstream Way

HP10 0FD Patterson Court

HP10 0FE Magnolia Way

HP10 0FF Coaters Lane

HP10 0FG Chimney Lane

HP10 0FH Old Papermill Close

HP10 0FJ Glory Mill Lane

HP10 0FL Glory Mill Lane

HP10 0FN Coaters Lane

HP10 0HA Whitepit Lane

HP10 0HD Wycombe Lane

HP10 0HE Wycombe Lane

HP10 0HF School Road

HP10 0HG Mayfield Road

HP10 0HH Wycombe Lane

HP10 0HJ Wycombe Lane

HP10 0HL Wycombe Lane

HP10 0HP Wooburn Mead

HP10 0HS Wycombe Lane

HP10 0HT Red Lion Way

HP10 0HU Red Lion Way

HP10 0HW Waterside

HP10 0HZ Old Station Way

HP10 0LS Bakers Orchard

HP10 0LU Glory Mill Lane

HP10 0LW Barleyfields

HP10 0LZ Old Moor Lane

HP10 0NA Old Moor Lane

HP10 0NB Old Moor Lane

HP10 0ND Riverside

HP10 0NE Watery Lane

HP10 0NF Moorside

HP10 0NG Barleyfields

HP10 0NH Clampton Mill

HP10 0NJ London Road

HP10 0NL Millstream Way

HP10 0NN London Road

HP10 0NP Falcons Croft

HP10 0NQ Barleyfields

HP10 0NR White House Lane

HP10 0NS Whitehouse Lane

HP10 0NU White House Close

HP10 0NW Shelley Close

HP10 0NY Old Watery Lane

HP10 0NZ Watery Lane

HP10 0PB Knaves Hollow

HP10 0SP Glory Mill Lane

HP10 0SR Glory Mill Lane

HP10 0SS Stokesley Rise

HP10 0ST Wootton Drive

HP10 0SU Wootton Drive

HP10 0SX Thornaby Place

HP10 0SY Cleveland Close

HP10 0SZ Old Moor Lane

HP10 9AQ Folleys Place

HP10 9FE Folleys Place

HP10 9RF London Road

HP10 9RX Hedley View

HP10 0AB Holtspur Lane

HP10 0AS Holtspur Lane

HP10 0TJ Holtspur Lane

HP10 0AW