A Bucks primary school remembered by old pupils as ‘Juniper Zoo’ was home to alligators, sheep, donkeys, ducks, and chickens back in the 70s.

Juniper Hill School in Flackwell Heath homed all these class pets - there was also a pond and an aviary.

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Many parents now find it hard to convince their children there was even once an alligator, named Sydney (El Sid for short), roaming the school classrooms.

A current member of staff even remembers having to walk into the village every lunchtime to the butchers to collect meat scraps to feed the hungry reptile.

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Ex-pupils have also been reminiscing about their time at the school where every day would have been like a trip to the zoo.

One former pupil said on Facebook: “He eventually outgrew his tanks and was retired to Whipsnade in exchange for two baby crocodiles.

“For some reason, people give me funny looks when I tell them about Juniper”

Another added: “'No one ever believes me when I say my school used to have a pet alligator!'

Bucks Free Press: A school photo with a 'dummy' alligator A school photo with a 'dummy' alligator

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An odd escapee alligator also brings back fond memories.

A different former pupil said: “I do recall it escaping into our classroom - we had to have our few lessons elsewhere that day!”

Some even remember feeding the reptile.

They said: “Us kids had to feed it, tell people this now and they think you are kidding.”

Nowadays the Juniper school alligator is becoming a village legend but the pupils there at the time remember their zoo-like school.