A Bucks freemason has managed to raise hundreds of pounds for charity by running two marathons in the roads surrounding his home.

38-year-old Darren Smith, a past chairman of Beaconsfield-based Eton Lodge, began running during lockdown and completed the impressive feat in the roads around his home Pankridge Drive, Prestwood.

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He also managed to lose almost five stone during the training process. 

Darren said: “It’s better than walking the streets!

“And I have lost 66 pounds in weight since taking up the challenge.”

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The head of Beaconsfield and Bucks Freemasons, John Clark, added: “It has been difficult keeping the masonic family together during lockdown but Darren has led from the front in more ways than one. I congratulate him."

Eton Lodge secretary Kevin Ambrose says: “Darren is an inspiration to our newer members in more ways than one.

“His recruitment efforts have helped us to become one of the fastest-growing masonic groups in Bucks, and his latest charity efforts speak for themselves.

“We are all so proud of him.”