There is set to be a debate next week (March 2) for parking restrictions on Hazlemere's Market Parade and the possibility of electronic bays.

A busy area of the village with a number of shops and takeaways, the Hazlemere Parish Council will discuss ways to ease any congestion in the laybys on the parade.

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There have been calls from local businesses to add parking restrictions to the laybys as there are concerns the spaces are being occupied for lengthy hours meaning customers are unable to park.

Residents have also shown their worry over parking issues especially after Tesco Express opened their doors this week by the parade.

After a restrictions sign got knocked down in an accident local butcher, Richard Troutt of R.S. Troutt & Co. is hoping a decision on restrictions can be determined next week.

The butcher said: “The worst thing is the layby gets used as a car park which is more frustrating because that could be used for customers.

“There used to be a ‘no return within one hour’ sign but since the sign got knocked down but they haven’t put a new one up yet.”

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A local shopkeeper has also claimed that the council car park behind the parade doesn’t get used but instead the laybys are used.

The McColl’s shopkeeper said: “People don’t use the car park and they just park here.

“We are trying to put a petition together to put restricting parking here but nothing has happened yet.”