The killers of Joshua Harling have been sentenced.

Nathan Braim, 20, of Broadwaters Avenue, Thame, was last week convicted of murder, conspiracy to cause GBH and carrying a weapon in a public place

Benjamin Eyles, 19, of Monks Hollow, Marlow Bottom, was convicted of the lesser charge manslaughter and conspiracy to cause GBH

Joshua Harling, 19, was killed on the night of July 22 last year.

He got into his green VW Polo to drive away after a street fight with Braim and Eyles – jurors at Oxford Crown Court have previously heard – but crashed on Chinnor Road, Thame. His car landed upside down. 

Despite desperate attempts from doctors who lived nearby and paramedics, he died at the scene.

Bucks Free Press: PICTURED: Joshua HarlingPICTURED: Joshua Harling

Days earlier on July 18, the defendants had plotted revenge on Mr Harling after he was said to have threatened a member of their group at a social gathering in Elms Park. 

They told a friend they planned to 'jump him' and were spotted searching for him in the evening armed with 5ft metal poles. 

The next time they saw him was on July 22. 

The pair drove past Mr Harling on more than one occasion, and at around 7pm the three were involved in a violent fight.

During the fight, Mr Harling was stabbed in the chest by Braim.

The injury did not cause Mr Harling to collapse straight away, and he ran back to his car to try to escape.

Braim ran up to Mr Harling’s car, stamping on the rear windscreen and causing it to shatter, before Mr Harling drove away into Essex Road and onto Chinnor Road.

Tragically, the injury that Mr Harling had suffered was very serious, and he quickly began to feel unwell, losing control of his car in Chinnor Road, before crashing into parked vehicles and overturning onto the roof.

A Home Office post-mortem examination found Mr Harling's cause of death to be a stab wound to the chest.

Today at Oxford Crown Court the pair were sentenced by Judge Ian Pringle QC. 

They were sentenced to: 

Braim: Custody for life, minimum term 19 years. 

Eyles: Eight years in custody for manslaughter.