A meteor was seen flying across Buckinghamshire over the weekend.

Footage of the space object was captured on a doorbell camera by a resident in Milton Keynes, at around 10pm on Sunday, February 28.

After discovering the video, the incredible footage was posted onto Twitter with the clip already accumulating 74,000 views in just 10 hours.

The meteor was captured via a doorbell camera

Several other astronomy enthusiasts across the South East also took videos and photos of the flying rock, which have since been shared online.

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The UK Meteor Network tweeted: “Looks like a lot of people in the UK and Ireland saw the 9:55 #fireball #meteor The reports are flooding in, 120 so far and counting.

“From the two videos, we saw it was a slow-moving meteor with clearly visible fragmentation.”

They also confirmed that in the evening of February 28, the Twitter page received 60 fireball reports.

What the UK Meteor Network posted on Twitter

Other social media users also noticed the space object flying through the skies in Liverpool, Manchester, and Birmingham as well as other locations in the south of the country on Sunday night.