This is what your star sign has in store for your love life, relationships and career the week starting Saturday, March 6.


You're trying to be sensitive and to say the things that other people want to hear but someone will take offence where none is intended. You've done your best to reassure them, support them and even praise them but they aren't listening and your patience is wearing thin. What is needed is for this person to stop feeling so sorry for themselves. Sharing plans and thoughts with a friend or colleague will help you progress with your personal aims.


A team effort in your community or workplace is not giving a lot of satisfaction. You aren't able to pinpoint any particular reason for this, since your mind isn't in it, you may as well concentrate on jobs that you can work on alone. That way, you will feel more confident about the standard of the work. You won't have any trouble sticking things out. Once you get started on anything, you will stay focused on the task in hand. Be sure to keep an unreliable friend or colleague at arm's length.


If there is even the slightest risk of you not being able to make a meeting or appointment, be certain to let anyone who is expecting you know it. A colleague clearly isn't feeling one hundred per cent and this is showing in their workmanship. It may be up to you to take action to make certain no one else suffers through their current lack of focus. Your mind is buzzing with exciting ideas. If some of these are followed through it could pave the way to some stimulating times in the future.


A friend or neighbour who seems to be going through troubles galore will choose you as the one to confide in. You will not turn them away even though you have plenty of your own to do. As it happens you will see a solution to some of their problems and you will help wherever you can. You have an ease of communication and a way with words which means many conversations and online get togethers will bring meaningful and worthwhile exchanges.


To make it easier for a colleague who has returned to work after a long-term absence, you might suggest continuing with some of their responsibilities until they are ready to resume them. You may wonder how they will take to such an offer but they won't be offended. It will give them time to get back into a new work routine. A chance remark or unexpected action on behalf of a friend will open up a side of their character that will surprise and delight you.


You aren't sure you are going to be able to get through all that is being expected of you. At the same time if there are joint responsibilities and a partner is relying on you to carry out your half of the job, you don't want to let them down. Somehow you will find the energy and you will make the time to get through it all. Even if it means longer working days. A loved one will be very cooperative or very argumentative. You will hope it's going to be the former.


Some ambitious plans are afoot in the workplace. You aren't sure it is the right time to experiment with anything new. Plus this is creating tension between colleagues which is never good. Even so if your boss will insist that this is the way they want to go and you will put in as much effort as is necessary to help make it work. In your more solitary moments, keep your mind off past mistakes or irritations. Focus on the good things in life.


You can't seem to find a moment to call your own. In addition to your own responsibilities, some people seem to think you have time to give them the help they need with theirs. With one thing and another, you aren't getting any time to yourself. Where possible, step back and leave others to deal with their own problems. Eating more nutritious foods will be good for your health. Beware of burnout.


If a housemate doesn't want to talk about an issue you feel should be addressed, there is little you can do about it. It might be best to change the subject and leave the matter alone for a while. Someone in the family is about to discover the hard way that they are making a big mistake. Keep focusing on your hopes and dreams. Believe you can achieve these and this will help keep you feeling positive.


Do your best to be broadminded about some difficulties a friend or workmate is going through. It may be true they have brought some problems upon themselves but that won't make it any easier for them. Some help from you would make a difference and they will learn from their mistakes. You're considering a career change. There are several options open to you. At this stage there's no guarantee any of these will suit you. Take your time to make up your mind.


Someone you met a short while ago is getting too friendly for your liking. They're asking too many questions about your personal life and their curiosity is starting to make you wary. This may not be a friendship you will want to encourage especially when you feel they cannot be trusted. After receiving some news about a work matter you will be almost lost for words. Seek the guidance of your boss or an older colleague if you run into any problems.


Do something now which will help make a dream come true. Don't wait for things to happen. Make them happen. All you will need is a little patience and a lot of stamina. Since you have no shortage of determination this will carry you to your goals. Take a chance that crops up to show what you can do. An unexpected job will need some urgent attention. Don't hesitate about volunteering to help out.