Two people who live in a residential village just outside of Aylesbury, have expressed their frustration after discovering that their area does not have a Post Office.

Fairford Leys, which is a 10-minute drive from the town centre, currently does not have a Post Office outlet.

The residents, who have lived in the area for nearly two years, also revealed that the lack of postal services to send packages or parcels through a Post Office outlet is ‘highly inconvenient, especially during these times’ as the pandemic continues.

The couple, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “Fairford Leys is pretty much a mini town, apart from the one thing you would think would be in a town.

Bucks Free Press: There are several post boxes in the town, but no branch (stock photo)There are several post boxes in the town, but no branch (stock photo)

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“It is the little things like buying stamps.

"You can’t really get them here, and I honestly believe that Fairford Leys and its surrounding areas would be big enough for a Post Office.

“It doesn’t have to be massive, but there can be a place where someone can take packages. 

“Fairford Leys is big enough as there is so much here.

“That's all it needs as it has got everything else, and if we were to get one, Fairford would literally have everything.”

The residential village currently boasts several restaurants of different cuisines, barbers, salons, estate agents, a playing field, several convenient shops, a gym, a vet, a church, a dentist, and a nursery but no Post Office branch.

The closest one to the couple is at the One Stop in Meadowcroft which is a short drive away.

There is also an outlet in the town centre, as well as on the Harvey Road in Aylesbury, which is a short walk away from Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

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However, as we continue to battle on during the pandemic, the couple expressed their desire to not commute to 'busy areas', such as the town centre, and that ‘it doesn’t make sense’ that Fairford Leys does not have its Post Office branch.

Bucks Free Press: The Harvey Road Post Office branch in AylesburyThe Harvey Road Post Office branch in Aylesbury

They continued: “It is a pain to send stuff to family or friends, especially during Covid, as we’re trying to stay in one area and not mix with any other communities.

“It would be a lot easier to have a Post Office right on your doorstep.

“There are post boxes [in Fairford Leys] but that isn’t really good enough because there is nothing for parcels to be posted, and for them, you need to weigh it and then stamp it.

“It doesn’t make sense to not have one as Fairford Leys has everything apart that."

A spokesperson from the Post Office has since said: “Post Office does look to see where there are gaps in our network of 11,500 branches across the UK.

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“We are actually looking at the possibility of opening a brand-new branch in Fairford Leys.”

Post Office and Royal Mail have been two legally separate companies since 2012.

Post Office looks after the shops and Royal Mail deals with the collection and delivery of mail.