A five-year-old girl who suffers from a genetic disorder has received a life-changing donation from a leading house developer company.

David Wilson Homes, which has branches all across the UK, have given Bea Pykett from Olney near Milton Keynes £1,000, as she battles with Marfan Syndrome – a disorder that impacts the body’s connective tissues in joints.

This causes a person’s limbs to be out of proportion with their body, as their arms, legs, toes, and fingers are usually longer than they should be.

Bea is sadly on the severe end of the spectrum, which means she needs a ventilator to support her heart and that her joints and spine are affected, with her limbs being a lot longer than a typical child of her age.

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However, with the £1,000 donation, Bea’s quality of life can start to improve.

Jenny Pykett, Bea’s mother, said: “When you’re a parent you just want to give your child the best you can and that’s exactly why we’ve been fundraising for this specialist equipment.

Bea Pykett was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome six months after she was born

Bea Pykett was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome six months after she was born

“This donation, and all the donations we’ve received from our fantastic community, really help to make a massive difference to Bea and to our whole family.

“Saying thank you to people who support us never quite feels like enough.

“Now Bea has her power chair it’s so fantastic to see her get herself around school and into the playground to spend time with her friends.

“The independence she’s been given is just incredible.

“She’s such a bright and amazing girl and it’s so important for her to feel that she can do things for herself.”

Bea was diagnosed with Infantile Marfan Syndrome just six months after she was born in 2015.

Despite being told she wouldn’t have a quality of life when she was born, she has been described as a ‘very bright and happy child who loves attending a mainstream school and spending time with her friends’.

She received a donation of £1,000 from David Wilson Homes

She received a donation of £1,000 from David Wilson Homes

And whilst the NHS will support families to purchase the equipment they need, it’s a never-ending cost for the Pyketts to ensure Bea has everything she needs.

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Managing Director at David Wilson Homes South Midlands, John Dillon, said: “When we heard about Bea’s fundraising journey it touched the hearts of many of our staff members and we knew we wanted to support her and use our Community Fund scheme to award her £1,000.

“Bea is an inspirational young girl and it’s been fantastic to hear how this donation will make a difference not only in allowing her to be independent but to improve her quality of life.”

The brave youngster is five-years-old

The brave youngster is five-years-old

To make a donation to Bea’s fund to allow her family to buy her a specialist car seat, please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/f/team-bea.

For more information on David Wilson Homes, which is building in the area at Lavendon Fields in Olney, please visit www.dwh.co.uk.