“NUMEROUS” warnings about a rough section of road that forces drivers onto the wrong side on a blind bend have still not been addressed, it has been claimed.

Buckinghamshire Council has come under fire for ‘failure to repair’ a severely damaged patch of road between Worminghall and Ickford, which one person claims to have reported “numerous times” in the past two years.

Bucks Free Press: The person also tweeted the issue at council leader Cllr Martin Tett and Buckingham MP Greg Smith, but the council was warned that when there is a crash, “it will be your fault”.

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They said the problem area is on a bend heading towards Worminghall from Ickford.

Images shared on social media show a section of road with several deep ruts, some filled with water.

“@BucksCouncil This section of Ickford Road, Worminghall, has been reported numerous times and despite being sent pics of cars driving on the opposite side of the road on a blind bend, you fail to repair it,” the person wrote online on February 25.

“When there is an accident it will be your fault.”

They added: “Last time @BucksCouncil said it had been inspected and [was] not deemed necessary for repair. At the time it was full of water.”

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Bucks Free Press:

MP GREG SMITH: 'Unacceptable and dangerous'

MP Greg Smith said: “The state of this road is clearly unacceptable and dangerous. I know Buckinghamshire Council has a large programme of road repairs ongoing, but this one needs bumping up the priority list with urgency.”

A Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) spokesman added: “TfB is aware of the defects on this section of road between Worminghall and Ickford.

“A highway inspector attended this section of road on February 25,  2021, and the defected area will be patched. This type of repair requires a hot lay material which needs to be laid when the weather is warmer.

“The road is inspected quarterly in line with our inspection policy and any safety critical defects will receive a temporary fix until the full repair can be done.”

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