A BUCKS councillor who sought permission for a new conservatory which he had already started building has been criticised by a colleague who said he “should know better”.

Cllr Tony Lee said he found it “a little bit unsatisfactory” that Cllr Majid Hussain was seeking full planning permission for a single-storey rear conservatory when the structure “appears to be two-thirds built”.

The application pertains to a two-storey end terrace on Spearing Road, in High Wycombe, and includes plans for some steps leading to the garden.

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Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: The application site on Spearing Road

The application was part-retrospective because the foundations, steps and some 20 courses of brickwork had already been laid.

Cllr Hussain won approval for the application during a Tuesday planning meeting after a proposal to accept was put forward by Cllr Chris Whitehead and seconded by Cllr Sarfaraz Raja.

But Cllr Lee questioned whether the application was “right”.

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Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: A council image of some of the brickwork

Bucks Free Press:

Cllr Lee: 'This building appears to be two-thirds built'

“Is it right that somebody has done half the building and then applies for planning permission?”, he said.

“Surely you can see that this property is nearly up to roof level and no application was made?

“I just find it a little bit unsatisfactory that…this building appears to be two-thirds built and we’re getting an application – and the fact that the gentleman doing the application is a councillor who should know better.”

By close of business members voted in their majority to approve Cllr Hussain’s conservatory.

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