THE “growing problem” of waste dumped near garages and in a woodland area has prompted calls for the council and a housing association to tackle an issue that is “getting out of hand”.

The Chiltern Rangers have called on Bucks Council and Red Kite to help protect an area of Round Wood in Sands being ‘trashed’ by litterbugs – and to clear nearby garages on Bookerhill Road also affected.

It is understood the garages which back onto the woods are owned by Red Kite, according to the Chiltern Rangers.

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Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: Feelings of outrage from the public on Twitter

In addition to cans, bottles, bags and even a shopping cart, a number of face masks have also accumulated which the Rangers said is overall “trashing” the area.

Images also show a sign saying: “Illegal dumping costs – surveillance operates in this area”.

In an online response, Red Kite said: “Appalling behaviour and so sad to see.”

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“(Pictured) Litter at Round Wood, High Wycombe,” tweeted the Chiltern Rangers on March 1. “Selfish, lazy people trashing the environment.

“The problem is both in the woodland edge and in the garages – there’s rubbish everywhere.

“Mostly new cans, bottles and a few face masks too. No excuses for this behaviour.

“How to tackle this growing problem? Ideas welcome @BucksCouncil @Redkitehousing.”

Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: Chiltern Rangers vent their frustration on Twitter

“It’s shameful and heart-breaking that people have no respect for the environment. Things are really getting out of hand,” someone replied.

“That’s disgusting. So sad,” replied someone else.

Katie Wall, head of brand and communications at Red Kite Community Housing, said: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The contractor who does our litter picking has been informed and will be clearing the site at Bookerhill Road as soon as possible.

“We work closely with Chiltern Rangers and will be talking to them to see how we can improve the area further.

“We are always looking for new Red Kite Champions, who are the eyes and ears of their neighbourhood. The champions can help by reporting issues, such as litter and antisocial behaviour, so we can then arrange for it to be dealt with swiftly.”

Bucks Council said: "Chiltern Rangers, who manage the site, will be clearing the litter next week.”

Interested in becoming a Red Kite Champion? Visit

To volunteer with the Chiltern Rangers, email

Images courtesy of the Chiltern Rangers

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