Controversial plans to demolish farm buildings in order to build new properties have been turned down by Buckinghamshire Council.

Developers wanted to demolish existing buildings located on Southfield Farm in Chinnor Road, Bledlow Ridge.

In the vacated space, plans had been outlined to construct a total of four new dwellings with accompanying garages as well as a new barn, two office buildings and new access to the site.

A new single-storey barn building was also proposed on the eastern edge of the development for the use of Southfield Farmhouse.

Concerns had been raised about the financial, ecological and logistical implications of the development by neighbours.

Explaining the reason for the proposals' rejection, Steve Bambrick, Service Director of Planning and Environment at Buckinghamshire Council, said: "The development by virtue of its location which has no safe and convenient access to services by non-car modes of travel would fail to maximise sustainable transport options.

"The application site is in agricultural use within the Green Belt, where inappropriate development is, by definition, harmful and should not be approved except in very special circumstances.

"The proposed development, by reason of its poor design, inappropriate urban layout and loss of trees/hedging would result in an incongruous form of development, which would fail to respect the established open rural character and scenic beauty of the surrounding area.

"As such, this proposal would fail to preserve or enhance the special character and appearance of the surrounding Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

"Insufficient information has been submitted to demonstrate that this proposal will not have an adverse effect upon ecology or maximise tree cover, in this rural location and will provide a net gain in biodiversity across the site."