Hotel chain Premier Inn wants to build new hotels around Bucks.

Two sites are earmarked for the county, with the hotel giant wanting to bring hotels to Marlow and Aylesbury.

Most recent documents from Whitbread, the firm which owns the hotel chain, has revealed where the company wants to build next.

Known as ‘target locations’, the firm updates its list every year as new hotels are built and fresh demand is identified.

Premier Inn currently has hotels in The Causeway, Marlow, High Wycombe and Loudwater, and one in Buckingham Road, Aylesbury.

A spokesman for Premier Inn said:

“Our long-term strategy is to grow, to be ambitious about securing the best sites for our customers in strategic locations, and to identify outstanding opportunities where we know there will be demand for Premier Inn bedrooms.  

“We are continuing to look for the next generation of locations for Premier Inn in Aylesbury and across Buckinghamshire.


“The area will always be a popular destination for our customers staying with Premier Inn on business or for leisure trips and staycations and we are keen to grow our presence.

“Independent research tells us that Premier Inn hotels bring a range of benefits to new locations.

“We create new jobs, pay substantial business rates and our guests support local businesses as they go out to eat, drink, visit attractions and experience the local area during their stay with us. 

“Our latest property requirements and list of target locations are available on the property pages of the Whitbread website.”