EVEN before I had gone out to buy last Friday’s Marlow Free Press (and, no, I don’t get a free copy!) an email arrived asking if I had a picture of Lynch’s little D.I.Y. shop in Spittal Street that had been mentioned in that edition.

Best I can do is “LYNC” rather than “LYNCH’S” and that is picture 1, a photo probably intended to focus more on Gardner’s Cooked Meat Shop next door: home cooked spam was their speciality.

I have fond memories of Monty Python’s “Spam Song” but not sure if it is a foodstuff you can still find in Marlow these days.

There were three small shops built into the historic former Greyhound Hotel building, the third being M.Cook’s outfitters.

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As noted last week, when that end of the street was demolished Lynch’s moved to a yard by the Rookery wall.

I have filled the page with 10 more former shops that might be of interest, and hopefully some of these will be new to you.

2) H. Smewing’s Tobacconist and Confectioners in Station Road: now Carvell’s.

3) Mr F. Garrett’s crowded premises, top of the High Street, incorporating another Tobacconist / Confectioner but also a Tea Shop and the Thames Valley Traction Company’s Booking Office and Waiting Room. It’s now the Italian Shoe Shop.

4) Reggie Robinson’s Hardware Shop in Spittal Street.

He took over Barnard’s General Store.

This is now the Marlow Bookshop.

5) The oldest picture today: the London Supply Stores was on the corner of Station Road and Station Rise.

The crowd outside are doing their best to avoid early 1900s floods along the road.

This became Palmer’s Boot & Shoe Shop, but then a provision store under various ownerships: now a private house.

6) Gorringe’s little Radio Shop, bottom of the High Street, which has seen many subsequent occupiers including Mary Brooks.

It is a favourite story, amongst those old enough to remember, that Mr Gorringe had no space in his tiny premises to stock TV’s (this was in the late 1940s) so he just sold radios, claiming that television would never catch on!

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It was the 1953 Coronation that finally proved him wrong.

7) Hogg’s Butchers (a fitting name) in West Street, now Costa Coffee.

8) Applegate’s Draper’s Shop in West Street, one of the daughters in the doorway.

The business later moved to Spittal Street. The premises have, for the last year, been occupied by SpecsSavers.

9) John Harleigh’s Sports & Leatherwear in Spittal Street, now Helen & Douglas House Charity Shop.

There’s a football poster on the door, so if anyone knows when Marlow played a friendly with Brentford we can date the picture.

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10) Annie’s Truss’ shop in Station Road that until his sad death last year was Richard Silver’s Barber Shop. There were two other Truss sisters, Winifred and Alice, both of whom were shopkeepers, at Bovingdon Green and in Wycombe Road.

11) Alan Coster’s specialist Tobacco and Pipe Shop in the High Street.

When smoking began to become very controversial Alan went to great lengths to state that there was no danger to health whatsoever. In the immortal words of Mandy RiceDavies, “Well, he would, wouldn’t he”.