Following several thefts of catalytic converters in Buckinghamshire, Thames Valley Police have confirmed they are on a ‘mission’ to find those responsible.

Numerous cars and vans have had the items taken from their vehicles since the start of the year, with TVP issuing a guide on what motorists should do to try and avoid the crime happening to their vehicles.

However, TVP Aylesbury Vale confirmed that had seen social media posts about a vehicle that could be linked to said crimes, and opted to investigate.

In a Facebook post that was published in the morning of Tuesday, March 16, they said: “We were made aware of a local social media post regarding a blue Ford Focus and a Black BMW that may have been linked to the recent spate of Catalytic Converter thefts in the area.

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“Overnight, we have looked into this and located the BMW and searched the vehicle and the occupant.

“We are pleased to inform you that there is nothing inconspicuous about these vehicles and occupants, however, we did not give up there. #YouSaidWeAnswered.

“Whilst at the Travelodge, a blue Audi S3 entered the car park but after seeing us decided they did not fancy a room at the inn nor stay and chat to us.

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“Unfortunately the S3 got the better of our Astra this time however whatever they were looking to do they did not want to mess with us and ANPR checks showed them leaving TVP meaning hopefully we disrupted their activity for tonight. #ThanksForTheHelpTeam3”

In a separate post at the start of the month, they said: “They continued: “We are asking the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to 999.”