Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, March 20:


Someone has been underestimating you. Whether they have been deliberately misleading you or trying to deceive you, you have had a strong feeling about their intentions. You are ready now to let others see you aren’t a person to be played games with. Quality moments shared with your amour will make you grateful for your many blessings. Quiet walks in the countryside together will lead to you both sharing some of your deepest thoughts and feelings.


It’s important that you don’t allow the past to control your moods and actions. Whatever you have been through, put it behind you and be ready to start again. You have repaid someone’s past generosity over and over. What you have done for them far exceeds anything they may have done for you. They can’t keep reminding you of their past kindness without acknowledging yours. Let your amour or someone who is equally as close, shower you with affection.


Be open and honest about plans you are considering for the future and you can be sure of a loved one’s willing cooperation. On a more mundane note, you need to take a common-sense approach to financial and legal matters. Someone you’re introduced to could have a lot of influence over your job in the future. They may be playing down their role for the moment. For this reason, watch what you say while in their presence.


An older relative has been playing on your emotions hoping to get their own way. You’re tired of being made to feel guilty because you can’t be at their beck and call all the time. Don’t allow any emotional blackmail that has been a problem in your family to continue. Positive thinking will take you far. A personal dream will show signs of coming true and this is all because of the effort you have put into this in the past.


Someone you meet through your profession will make an unusual offer. This will take you by surprise when you already have other ideas in the pipeline but you may not want to miss out on this opportunity. Stall for time. If your previous plans fall through, you now have something to fall back on. Your positive mood will bring out the best in your partner and closest friends. After a few misunderstandings you are now finding it easier to communicate with each other.


People have a tendency to rely on you quite heavily. Help you gave someone in the past has given them the impression they can always turn to you when they need some support. Expect to be busy. Make sure that you do relax when you get the chance. An artistic or musical hobby will be a great way to wind down. Even if this has at times turned out to be financially rewarding, this week it will be done purely for pleasure.


A partner lets you down in a big way. This will upset you and you will feel annoyed with yourself for having started to rely on them. At least you should be glad to be able to get out of a joint arrangement before it goes any further. Remember too that this is someone you don’t want to mix with in the future even if they decide they want you back. A housemate will be offered a job. One or two changes connected with your home environment could result from this.


Job and money matters are likely to show pleasing signs of improvement. You seem able to spot interesting new opportunities and to act on them before anyone else has had the chance to blink. Are you single? A platonic relationship will take on a new and more loving dimension. New bonds are likely to be of the lasting variety. Things are starting to pick up for you now and a family outing could be on the cards.


It’s hard to understand why a friend is suddenly so moody and miserable. You feel upset that they don’t feel able to confide in you. It is possible they’re finding it hard to explain how they really feel. By Thursday, their mood will have brightened when some positive news will restore their sense of fun in full. Discussions within a partnership will go well provided you are honest about what you hope to achieve.


Changes in your day to day activities will take some getting used to. Even so, once you get into the swing of new routines you will accept these were changes that were meant to be. You’re doing your best not to make waves and your quietly optimistic outlook on life should make certain that your efforts will be rewarded. A working relationship will be particularly enjoyable when you seem to bring out the best in each other.


You might wonder why it is that whenever someone has problems, they always turn to you. Whether it’s to do with romance, work or finance, they seem to think you have all the answers. That’s because you have helped them out so much in the past and your guidance has been good. Get plenty fresh air to keep you feeling fit and healthy. Follow your nose in financial matters. Be sure you don’t tell others what you intend to do.


Social events continue to be few and far between. This doesn’t bother you too much as you have had plenty time to get used to a less hectic social agenda. Time spend with close friends whose company you enjoy is far more appealing. You’re starting to feel it is quality not quantity that counts when it comes to friendships. Progress you are making will show up another person’s slackness. They won’t be too amused.