An award-winning fish and chip shop in Marlow Bottom celebrated 12 years in business opening back in 2009.

Oysters Fish and Chip, on Brucewood Parade opened its doors over a decade ago and continues to serve its award-winning fish to local residents.

This last year has been extremely different from the first 11 years and the chippy has also had to adapt as a result of the pandemic.

Launching an app the shop has been able to take orders during the pandemic as well as putting safety measures in place.

Owner, Gav Singh said: “We have been here twelve years, we are extremely proud of still being in business especially during this last year with the pandemic.

“This last year has been the hardest we have had to close for the welfare of our staff, myself, and my family.

“We were closed for six weeks but we have ve come back and put everything in place, like having an app and all PPE and screens.”

The store is open five days a week being closed on Sunday and Monday in line with fish and chip tradition.

He continued: “Initially we opened up with limited hours three days a week but slowly we have come back up to five days a week.

“Everyone has been super supportive, people love their fish and chips!

“They have been a bit tentative at first but now that they have seen what we are doing.

“Following all the necessary measures from having regular tests to making sure only one customer is in the shop at once.

“It is not as busy as it used to be but it has been ticking over and we are grateful to still be in business compared to a lot of other shops that are suffering.”

Bucks Free Press: Owner, Gav Singh and daughter Gia cutting the cakeOwner, Gav Singh and daughter Gia cutting the cake

Sir Steve Redgrave opened the chippy 12 years ago and since then it has won numerous awards such as being named one of the UK’s best fish and chip shops for takeaways by Fry Magazine last year.

He continued: “I worked for a corporate company and I was given the elbow and I just fell into fish and chips, it wasn’t something I was planning to do

“We have won the best fish and chips in Buckinghamshire and last year we came in the top 50 best fi in the UK in a national competition.

“I am grateful again for all the people that come here and support us.”

“I think the buzz is for me we still do the prep work we still make chips by hand.

“We have machinery but you still have to manhandle the potatoes and it's quite labouring but it's still rewarding.

“I don’t have a spreadsheet on the wall and target to meet at the end of the week.

“The great thing is people coming back again and again.

“We have people coming week in week out, we have our regulars but We have picked up a lot of customers from further afield too because of the pandemic as they feel comfortable we have put the measures in place in order to open safely.”