This is what your star sign has in store for your love life, relationships and career the week starting Saturday, March 27.


You're worried about what the feedback might be if you pull out of a commitment that's starting to hold you back. You're equally fearful of making waves and upsetting people you care for. What's most important is that you start to concentrate on your own happiness even if this means calling a halt to situations that have become more of a routine than a pleasure. Are you single and looking for love? You long for passion but might find yourself settling for a relationship that is more platonic than romantic.


You are not being fickle in altering your opinions of others. Experience will reveal that someone you recently met is not the person you first thought them to be. Don't feel bad about changing your mind. Trust your instincts in all relationships. An older relative's fault-finding mood will get you down unless you find a way to avoid them. Their tendency to pick holes in your ideas, plans and suggestions will make you feel you can't do anything to please them.


A colleague you've always worked alongside will take over as a senior official. Your relationship will be instantly changed. You hadn't expected their personality to change as they take up a new position but they are distancing themselves from you. They have no need to worry. You get the message loud and clearly. A partner or housemate will have been dipping into a joint savings account without your knowledge. When you've been so careful with cash, you are justified in feeling annoyed.


Don't be too quick to dismiss anything that's new or unusual that could make work or domestic routines a little easier. Even the most unlikely suggestions could turn out to be surprisingly successful. Be flexible and at least consider ideas being shared. The experience will be both instructive and stimulating. Spending time at home makes you feel loved and centred. Adopting a pet or a new arrival in the family will be an added bonus to your quota of happiness.


You may be justified in feeling slightly envious of a workmate's recent achievements. It may be that they had more than a little help from a senior colleague. It seems unfair but there's nothing you can do about this other than keep focused on your own goals. At least when you reach them it will have been purely from your own effort. You may not agree with an older relative's views over a recent incident. Even so, if you listen carefully you could discover they know more about a matter than you do.


You are driven by a desire for perfection. Whatever you take on, you intend to give it your best shot. No one can fault your efforts. Someone will point out the need for you to slow down a little or you will burn yourself out. Follow their wise advice. A partner or relative's achievements may call for a small family celebration. There have been moments in the recent past when you've not been getting on but all that is water under the bridge now.


Make time, if you are able, to meet up with a friend you haven't seen for a while. Or you might get together online to discuss future plans when there is more chance to travel together again. Visiting a favourite place which holds many fond memories will feel therapeutic. A change of scene will do you the world of good. Give plenty of encouragement should someone close decide to take up a difficult challenge or some extra responsibilities. Your support will help boost their confidence.


Changes for over the coming months will be seriously discussed. There are choices to be made and you need to tell people why you are thinking about what you are planning to do. If you can get them to understand, you will gain their support. A touch of money luck will take you by surprise. A raise, bonus or financial settlement will let allow you to splash out on items you've been longing to buy for longer than you can remember.


A joint financial arrangement isn't working as it was meant to. You may have somehow ended up having to shoulder this burden on your own. This is not what you had agreed and you are starting to feel a romantic or business partner is taking you for granted. Shared matters could benefit from some quiet and reasoned discussion. A partner seems to be disregarding your needs and feelings. How can you say you are happy when you crave love and affection? You need to be more assertive in romance and friendship.


An issue concerning domestic arrangements or a financial matter has caused a lot of tension in the home. You will have ideas on how to resolve this and, once you have someone's approval, this will make life easier in the future. You could gain a lot, professionally, from helping colleagues who aren't too sure of themselves. Your leadership qualities stand you in good stead when you apply for a soon to be advertised promotion.


People in the workplace admire your strong sense of ethics. You will always obey your conscience when faced with an ethical dilemma. Unlike some of your colleagues, you will hold on to your beliefs even in the face of total opposition. You're drawn to doing something kind for someone who needs it but you may have to do this a secretive fashion. The person on the receiving end of this generous gesture could be a shade embarrassed by your kindness.


There will be more to a message, question or small gift received than you first realise. Someone is trying to let you know how important you are in their life. Normally your intuition can't be faulted. With you having been through so many emotional challenges, you aren't so in tune with your higher self. You may have been feeling lonely or misunderstood. Now you know there is support when you need it; you just haven't been seeing it. A heart to heart discussion will pave the way to healing.