Aylesbury’s MP has praised the work of Thames Valley Police officers.

Speaking at the House of Commons through a video link on Monday, March 22, Rob Butler MP praised those who work at TVP’s Aylesbury Vale’s branch after statistics have revealed that robberies have decreased in the area over the past 12 months.

During his segment, Mr Butler also asked the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, how women will be kept safe from said crimes.

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He said: “Over the past year in Aylesbury Vale, robberies have fallen by 35 per cent and many more criminals have been brought to justice for violent offences.

Priti Patel (Jessica Taylor/PA)

Priti Patel (Jessica Taylor/PA)

“Will my right honourable friend join me in congratulating the superb officers at Thames Valley Police’s Aylesbury police station for these achievements, and can she tell the house how her department will ensure that those officers can continue to keep my local community safe, especially for women?”

This comes after several women have spoken about their experiences of feeling unsafe when out and about, following the death of Sarah Everard at the start of this month.

Patel, who is also the MP of Witham, said: “Well, my honourable friend absolutely will know of as he’s heard me speak of great praise to Thames Valley Police, for their incredible work, dedication, there are many examples that we have spoken about in the past as well.

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“But, he has spoken about Thames Valley Aylesbury and their own work in reducing crime within our communities, and that is very much down to great leadership, no doubt about that.

“It’s down to resourcing, the money that government is putting in place, the new police officers, the visibility, the money that goes into crime reduction, the surge funding that has gone in, so I absolutely stand with him and also with his local officers that are doing outstanding work.”