A person dressed up as a ‘plague doctor’ has been spotted coming face to face with residents in a Bucks village.

The ‘plague doctor’ has been seen walking around Flackwell Heath on both Blind Lane and the Straight Bit.

Currently, no criminal offences have been identified but the police have been alerted and are asking anyone to report any suspicious incidents online or through 101.

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There will also be reassurance patrols carried out by the neighbourhood policing team.

Earlier this week there have been similar incidents in Scotland with sightings of the creepy figure in Falkirk, Bo’ness, Dumfries & Haddington.

In the 17th century Europe, physicians who tended to plague victims wore a costume that has since taken on sinister overtones.

The medics wore long leather cloaks, large brimmed hats, and grotesque beaked masks filled with sweet-smelling herb.

Bucks Free Press: An illustration of a 'plague doctor' (Wikimedia Commons)An illustration of a 'plague doctor' (Wikimedia Commons)

One resident who’s son was chased by the ‘plague doctor’ said on Facebook: “I just wanted to warn people that my son came home in an awful state yesterday.

“He came home with his elder brother from Flackwell to Bourne End at 6pm and they cut through the alleyway opposite the green dragon pub going down Blind Lane.

“My younger son was ahead on his bike and as he came round a corner he came face to face with a guy dressed up in that awful Black Plague costume, big hat, black robes and that hideous mask with glass goggles and the long beak.

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“The person started to walk towards him and needless to say he was petrified.

“I would have been scared if I came face to face with that, but I hate the thought of someone more vulnerable young or old being confronted with that on their own.”

If anyone has photos or videos of the ‘plague doctor’ in Flackwell Heath please contact Robert.folker@newsquest.co.uk.