A High Wycombe artist is looking to “colour in town” by turning roller shutters into an art gallery in the town.

The idea first came after Wycombe artist Dan Wilson was inspired by the row of painted shutters he was involved in Ufest in Bristol, Europe’s largest graffiti festival.

He is now looking to bring this to High Wycombe by painting shutters on Desborough Road to help brighten up the area.

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Before the pandemic, the Old Collins House and two shutters were painted at the Desborough Carnival but plans halted as national lockdowns hit the country.

Now with restrictions easing, the Wycombe artist has kickstarted the initiative with a host of new shutter displays in a bid to turn the street into a “street gallery”.

He said: “A lot of the artwork is hidden away, it’s not on shutters in front of people so I thought could we not do it here.

“Street art is the biggest art movement the world has ever seen.

“Banksy is the most famous artist in the world right now and that speaks volumes, street art is happening all around the world right now.”

Local businesses have started allowing their shutters to be painted and recently Burger Daddy’s shutter became an instant success on Facebook.

Depicting the famous Pulp Fiction image, Samuel L. Jacksons’s Jules Winnfield, with the popular character eating a burger.

The post was liked by hundreds of people on Facebook becoming an instant favourite among residents.

Burger Daddys shutter inspired by Pulp Fiction

Burger Daddy's shutter inspired by Pulp Fiction

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Burger Daddy owner, George James said: “There are three things that are crucial in making the area more appealing; the visuals so things like art, the food, and the music.

“You’ve got so many great restaurants here and you’ve got the Desborough carnival and now some amazing artwork.

“This is like the Camden or the Shoreditch of the area, because of all the things of you’ve got.”

Desborough Road shutter artwork

Desborough Road shutter artwork

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Using an influx of different artists, Dan is hoping every shutter can be painted to make the road more vibrant.

With housing being built at either end of the road the artist is hoping residents new and old can celebrate the art on the street will boast.

Dan continued: “I’m not doing this to make loads more work for myself, I’m a fan of art.

“I want to celebrate other artists, I don’t want to walk around and see my art, I want to see everyone else’s work.

“We want to invite a load of artists, some new and some established ar and create a bit of a street gallery around for the new residents, the students, and for all the people who have never left Wycombe.”

Work has begun on various projects as part of the coluring in the town

Work has begun on various projects as part of the 'coluring in the town'