This is what your star sign has in store for your love life, relationships and career the week starting Saturday, April 3.


Add plenty of variety to your days. Your threshold of boredom is likely to be low. You don't want to lose control but you will get irritable and angry with anyone who tries to dictate to you. A project that has never been easy will hit yet another problem. You need to take a break and return to it in a more positive frame of mind. There are issues in a close relationship that need to be faced. You do not share the same passion as your partner for plans they are making that involve their family.


Your boss or a senior colleague will not take no for an answer. They are refusing to allow certain arrangements or activities to proceed unless their conditions are accepted. There seems to be no other alternative but to go along with this for now. In areas where there is conflict, you might tactfully use your ability to influence others for the better. This should help restore peace but inside, there's a lot of pent-up emotion. Relaxation techniques can help ease stress and tension.


A friend or partner is moody and miserable. You wonder if it is something you have done. If they won't say what's bothering them, you can't put it right. Someone is refusing to back down in an argument. Is it worth putting yourself out for someone who does nothing for you? Be prepared to end a relationship that is passed its sell by date. You could do with indulging your love of luxury. Treat yourself to some beautiful clothes, new perfume or some flowers.


There are further steps that can be taken if measures already in place aren't sufficiently robust to get a problem under control. Should steps implemented this week prove not to be sufficient, you will be asked for ideas on how to improve the situation. Be ready to share your thoughts. You're reflecting on your departure from a long-term commitment. This was a demonstration of how strongly you felt about changes occurring. You made the right decision.


A newcomer to your circle is sensitive and touchy. It won't take a lot of time for you to realise they do not share your sense of humour. Although at times you might feel they're over reacting, take care not to hurt their feelings. A difficult situation will call for you to make a split-second decision. You're reasonably sure you have done the right thing. Someone may disagree. It's important to ignore other people's doubts and to trust your intuition.


You need to stop thinking and start doing. Take the plunge. Make a clean break with the past and enjoy the fresh start you have worked for and deserve. Someone is waiting for you to make a decision about a future holiday. You have held back because of the need to keep a close eye on travel restrictions. If you're worried about the cost, a relative or in-law might step in and provide the ideal solution.


A romantic or financial risk you are taking will work to your advantage. You are ready to summon your courage and roll the dice. Intense nervous anticipation will make it hard for you to focus on anything else. Good news around Wednesday will give you something to celebrate. Be sure to show gratitude to anyone who has helped you to achieve this goal. You have a good feel for the best opportunities. It's a time when your intuition is your best asset.


An unexpected challenge will come just when you were starting to get bored with your usual routine. You won't think twice about taking this chance to do something new and different. Outperforming a competitor will be surprisingly easy. An old friend is returning to your area. Whether or not you agree to meet up with them will depend on your mood at that moment and how busy you are at the time.


You're making a big effort to make life fun and enjoyable, not just for yourself, but for your family and friends. Someone who is close to you in a personal or business sense doesn't seem to like this and they will do all they can to dampen your enthusiasm. Refuse to allow miserable people spoil your enjoyment in life. Practice your interviewing skills and don't hesitate to promote your achievements if you're applying for a job.


You had hoped to catch up on jobs around the house or garden that were neglected earlier. This isn't going to happen. A friend will ask you to do them a favour and before you know it, you will be caught up in what everyone else is doing. You could be asked to try a system that is meant to boost productivity. Although you have your doubts about its value, be open to experimentation. You could be surprised.


A domestic worry is buzzing around your head. This causes your concentration to wander. This isn't good when you should be focusing on your job or another important matter. If you can't pull yourself out of this, look to your most trusted friends for guidance and reassurance. In a group situation, you're concerned about making the right impression but are you analysing too much? Just be yourself and you will succeed. A predominantly confusing week but an improving picture as it progresses.


You seem to be in demand almost everywhere you go. One reason for your popularity and desirability is that people just love to be with you. Friends, neighbours and workmates take pleasure in your company. You're warm and affectionate with a gift for putting people at ease. A youngster in the family will need help with a dilemma that will seem rather amusing. Keep reminding yourself that they're taking this issue seriously and it's important to them that it is resolved.