Several Deliveroo drivers were seen protesting in Aylesbury following a dispute over pay.

Numerous drivers were seen in the Exchange Street Car Park on Sunday, March 28, with many riders making their way through the town centre as well as Britannia Street after forming a convoy.

The protest is allegedly over pay, with some suggesting that the drivers have been asked to cover more areas in the town whilst earning the same wage.

Bucks Free Press: The drivers in Aylesbury (photo from Aylesbury Grapevine)The drivers in Aylesbury (photo from Aylesbury Grapevine)

In a post that was published on the Aylesbury Grapevine Facebook page, one person said: “We apologise if we disturbed anyone with our strike today [March 28], but in this way, we hope that Deliveroo will listen to us and stop treating us like slaves at 6 pounds an hour.”

Videos have also emerged of the riders tooting their horns whilst making their way across the town.

It is not the first time that Deliveroo riders have hit out against the company of pay issues.

In September 2019, there were several protests across the country as drivers complained about Deliveroo’s financial structure, which saw a reduction in riders' pay.

There are also plans for strikes to take place across the country amid claims of exploitation of key workers.

These strikes are due to take place on April 7.

A video from the protest 

Joseph Durbridge, a London-based Deliveroo rider, said: “I cannot rely on Deliveroo for a hundred percent of my income.

“I’ve worked throughout the pandemic and it’s difficult to make ends meet. Deliveroo’s hiring more people and endlessly driving our income down.

“It doesn’t care about the financial security or basic rights of its riders and shamelessly claims the workforce is largely casual.

“We will not let them take us for a ride.”

Jim Baker, Executive Director, Private Equity Stakeholder Project, added: "Deliveroo riders are playing a critical role during the Covid-19 pandemic but the company treats them as disposable.

“Given its competitors' moves away from a gig-based workforce, Deliveroo faces substantial reputational risk in failing to adequately address riders' concerns."

Bucks Free Press: The riders were seen in Aylesbury on March 28 (Photo from the Aylesbury Grapevine Facebook page)The riders were seen in Aylesbury on March 28 (Photo from the Aylesbury Grapevine Facebook page)

We have approached Deliveroo for a comment, but in a statement published in the national media, a spokesman said: "Riders in the UK are paid for each delivery they choose to complete and earn £13 per hour on average at our busiest times.

"We communicate with thousands of riders every week and satisfaction is currently at an all-time high.”