THE former Mayor of High Wycombe has written to the Bucks Free Press to express his frustration at the accidents that have plagued the south Bucks stretch of the M40 in recent months.

In the letter, Councillor Darren Hayday, who represents the Booker and Cressex ward, said the number of accidents on the motorway was "madness".

The letter reads: "How many more deaths and serious injuries need to happen until this problem is seriously addressed? And sorted out!

"I have personally witnessed a pile up whilst driving in the opposite direction and I have seen cars fly through the air; I have also witnessed some terrible driving from drivers just swerving through lanes at speed without indicating and with no thought for any other road user.

"It just takes one of these incompetent fools to cause the chaos and unnecessary deaths - again and again and again!

"I ask for support in insisting that this stretch of motorway follows the example from Germany in that the speed limit is reduced to help bring down the number of accidents.

"I am not saying that all motorways need to have a reduction in speed limits - however, and especially for those of us that live near to the motorway having to put up with the noise - in accident black spots and in built up areas - let's have a monitored and controlled reduction in speed.

"I am a supporter of the Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance that come in to help these victims, the next crash could be any of our family, friends and loved ones - can someone please help and let us get this organised?"