The newly appointed High Sherriff of Buckinghamshire has chosen an Aylesbury-based charity as one of the main causes he aims to support in his year in office.

The new High Sheriff of the county, George Anson, has selected Youth Concern: a trust that helps young people (aged between 13 to 25), by providing advocacy, counselling, education, employment and housing support, in order to live a safe, happy and fulfilling life, whilst contributing positively to society.

George Anson, High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire commented: “Youth Concern is an amazing charity that I’ve supported for many years.

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“Over the past four decades, they have helped thousands of young people through challenging times and given them help and hope when they needed it.

“I’m very honoured to be able to use my new position as a force for good to support the young people of Aylesbury Vale.”

George Anson was sworn in as the new High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire on March 26

George Anson was sworn in as the new High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire on March 26

Mr Anson was sworn in as the county’s new High Sheriff in a virtual ceremony that took place on Friday, March 26, as he succeeded the outgoing Andrew Farncombe of Beaconsfield.

At his unveiling, he revealed that he also wanted to focus on the growing impact that cyber-crime is having on the population.

He will also campaign to educate people on the risks they face online, and how they can make themselves safer.

Hannah Asquith, CEO of Youth Concern, added: “We are very grateful to the High Sheriff for supporting Youth Concern.

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“For small and local charities, receiving the patronage of people in influential positions is vital in raising awareness of the critical work we do to help Aylesbury Vale’s disadvantaged young people.

“Last year Youth Concern supported 473 young people from across Aylesbury Vale and was in fortnightly contact with 300 local businesses and individuals.

“George’s support presents a wonderful opportunity for even more young people, businesses, charities and statutory services to become familiar with our services.”

The term of High Sheriff traditionally lasts for one year.