The Chairboys are currently bottom of the Championship but Gareth Ainsworth still believes the club is in dreamland.

Ainsworth took over the club in 2012 as Wycombe with the club fighting for survival in League Two.

He revitalised the squad and steered the club to safety to avoid from relegation from the football league.

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The club is now looking to keep themselves in the Championship after unexpectedly earning promotion to England’s second-tier last year.

Ainsworth said: “We're still buzzing to be in the championship and to be competing.

"We are doing our best to stay in it, that's still the message, we've got chances and points available.

"We want to get as many points as possible and see where that puts us at the end of the season.

“The morale is brilliant here, the boys know where they are."

Future planning now includes Championship football whether Wycombe are able to pull great escape off not. 

He continued: “Long term planning has got championship written in latest chapters right now.

“And believe me to even talk about that with all the meetings and all chats in the fans formed back in the early days, to be talking about bouncing back to the championship, it is real pinch me time for Wycombe supporters.

“I'm hoping it's not expected, I'm hoping I teach my players that there is no entitlement in life.

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“If we survive, wow, fantastic what an achievement.

“If we don't manage to pull off the great escape, there's no entitlement that we should be in the Championship.

“We've got to work hard to earn it again.

“But just to be talking about it, I keep saying it in the same sentence Wycombe and the Championship, it phenomenal journey.”