This is what your star sign has in store for your love life, relationships and career the week starting Saturday, April 10.


You exude charm, personality and sex appeal. Whether single or attached, events at this time could mark a major turning point in your life. A thrifty partner is expecting you to manage within the confines of a tight budget. You're tempted to treat yourself to one of those little luxuries you love so much. You know this will leave you feeling guilty. Money is tight and you can understand the need to economise even if you aren't happy about it.


You have the energy and determination to overcome any challenge that is presented to you now. People around you look stressed and tired whereas you feel completely relaxed. It might be up to you to iron out some difficulties before a group project gets underway. Personal plans will be put on hold in order to focus on a team effort. You should be able to make up for ground lost as you head into the second half of the week.


You want to get ahead. A colleague who is stuck in the same place will resent your determination. Ignore their attempts to hold you back. You're positive that this is the right time for you to go after a prominent position. The challenge will be highly stimulating. Some ideas that you have to improve your home will need a little working on if they are to be put into practice in the future. If something doesn't work on your first attempt be prepared to try again.


You don't need anyone's approval to do something you want to do. Seek to satisfy yourself rather than trying to live up to other people's expectations of you. Are you single? You could meet someone special through your work. Not only will you be impressed by their accomplishments, but you also seem to have similar spiritual outlooks. If you already have a partner, sharing secrets, listening to music and having fun together will strengthen the bond between you.


A little humility will go a long way. You don't have to be the best at everything. Attempts to outperform a talented rival could lead to some embarrassment. Instead of competing, you could learn a lot from working together. Remember that pride goes before a fall. Close friends are used to your playful ways but someone who doesn't know you well may take your teasing in the wrong way. The weekend is perfect for developing an engrossing personal project and spending time with people who understand you.


Taking on a job you had not planned for will send the rest of your week's plans into turmoil. Having to miss a date or special event will leave you feeling disappointed and empty. You're making sacrifices for other people and your good deeds will not have gone unnoticed. Very soon, someone will be making it up to you. A relative will be in touch with news that gives you something important to think about. Affairs regarding children will need ironing out.


Honest communication is the key to building stronger relationships. Encourage your family and friends to talk about their hopes and dreams. You want to support them in any way you can. To do so you need to know what they are thinking. How else will you know you are getting it right? It's important to fulfil obligations to your employer. You have an opportunity to prove what you are capable of but it will require hard work and dedication.


Your ability to put yourself in other people's shoes makes you a popular character. Friends and neighbours know they can trust you and they value your advice. It might seem as if all you are hearing these days is one hard up story after another. Your compassion knows no bounds and you won't turn anyone who needs you away. You recognise the seriousness of a workplace situation and you will be working together with a newly selected team to put measures in place to combat this problem.


You're becoming tired of a group project that seems to be going nowhere. One person blames another for a fault. This person blames someone else and you all travel round in circles. Instead of continuing with something you aren't enjoying, turn your attention to activities that will bring you joy. A connection in business could lead to romance if you're single. You could be receiving roses, a card or a romantic email and romance suddenly seems idyllic.


Your link with some of your closest friends has never felt so good. It's almost as if you can reach into each other's minds. If you suspect someone is worried about something, you are probably right. Listening to your intuition is strongly advised. You're tired of having to return to tasks that haven't been carried out properly by others. If someone is being careless, it should be up to them to clean up their mess.


You're feeling lucky in love and content with your lot. Positive thinking keeps you happy and healthy. Remain alert for any chance that comes your way to further your ambitions. Whatever you take on, you will stick tenaciously to your goals and your hard work will bring its just rewards. A friend may show signs of envy or resentment. In spite of all your efforts to ease the situation between you, know when you have done all you can and accept when it is time to walk away.


You may not condone a relative's recent behaviour but you are ready to forgive. The sooner you put this matter behind you, the faster you will be able to move forward. They won't believe how willing you are to accept their apology. Being able to accept people's shortcomings as well as their strengths helps keep relationships strong. Accept an invitation to do something that thrills or appeals to you. Nothing lifts your spirits more than immersing yourself in activities that excite your imagination.