A resident in Bucks has seen his home used as a film set with famous faces such as Keira Knightley and David Hasselhoff shoot under his roof.

Maurice Fleisher lives in a retro 1960s detached split-level chalet in Booker, making it a perfect location for certain productions.

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Keira Knightley descended on the home for the feature film Everest, a true story of New Zealand's Robert "Rob" Edwin Hall, who on May 10, 1996, together with Scott Fischer, teamed up on a joint expedition to climb Mount Everest.

Maurice's home was used to depict the A-lister's character Jan Hall’s home in New Zealand while her husband was attempting the climb.

You can see Maurice’s living room in the film when Jan Hall is on the phone with her husband as he was dying on the mountainside - a piece of acting that had ‘the whole crew very emotional’.

The scene in Everest 

Another famous actor David Hasselhoff has also filmed scenes in the home for his mockumentary in which he pretended to have died here in the UK in order to re-establish his lost glory.

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Emilia Fox also visited the home as part of an independent production, while the home was stripped of all of Maurice's furniture for Timothy Spall, who played the part of a grief-stricken father who had lost his son and was moving home.

Actors Nicholas Lyndhurst and Tracy-Ann Oberman were filmed in an episode of New Tricks while former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona had a magazine editorial photoshoot in-house.

Bucks Free Press: Maurice Fleisher's home in BookerMaurice Fleisher's home in Booker

Maurice Fleisher told Which magazine: “I started letting out my home for filming and photography in 2007.

"I became self-employed and thought it might be a useful way of boosting my income.

“It has been used for major feature films, TV shows, commercial, music videos, independent productions, and fashion magazine shoots.

“Booking ranges from a one-day shoot to big productions with days of setup and days of ‘re-establishment' afterwards.

“I earn between £500 and £1500 for shoot days, depending on the production.

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“It shouldn’t be undertaken lightly.

"It won’t work for a family home unless the whole family understands the disruptions of having a small army of production staff, tradespeople, artists, and technical crews crawling all over the house.

"But I’ve found it a positive experience because of the income and the opportunity to meet interesting people including A-list stars.”