A family who own a farm in Bucks have spoken out after they and their young children received death threats from ‘vegan activists’.

The couple who run JC Farming Ltd, in Little Kingshill, named as James Matthews and Chenice Plumstead on Metro.co.uk, said on social media that they were called from a withheld number on Tuesday (April 6) by a “group of vegan activists” who threatened to kill the couple and their two children.

They wrote yesterday (April 7): “Last night was a sad night to be a farmer.

“Last night was a scary night to be a farmer.

“Last night we were called on private number by a group of vegan activists who threatened to kill us and our two beautiful children.

“Now for people who have never received a death threat this was terrifying, but to threaten your children makes it that much worse.

“We understand completely that people have their own opinions, and they have to do what feels right for them, however threatening the lives of children well that is another level of scum.

“That is no vegan I know.”

They praised the efforts of police officers saying they were “amazing”, adding: “They came to us and made us feel safe, they patrolled our farm throughout the night and have help set up security measures. We can’t thank them enough.”

The couple also implored anyone who lives near their property, Kings View Farm, in Windsor Lane, to “remain vigilant” and report any suspicious behaviour.

They added: “We are not a big commercial farm; we do not neglect or abuse our animals.

“I have never been so scared and angry in my life, having to sleep on the floor in my children’s room.

“Farmers need to speak out about this because it is happening far too much. There are certain ways of farming that we do not agree with, but let me make this clear, they are not farmers.

“Please help us to stay vigilant and educate people who are unsure of what sort of farm this is.”

The couple told Metro.co.uk they have now installed new security measures, including CCTV, and that the threats were made by people who knew their names.

They have received more than 80 supportive comments on their Facebook post.

Thames Valley Police said: “On Tuesday (March 6) a report of malicious communications was made to Thames Valley Police at around 10pm.

“The incident was reported from Windsor Lane in Great Missenden.

“No arrests have been made.”