WARNING: Some people may find the contents of this report distressing

THE owners of a missing dog have slammed a sick prank in which someone left animal remains on a poster appealing for the return of their beloved pet.

The family of a missing dog, who put out a reward for its safe return, said the behaviour of the person who mounted an animal skeleton on their poster was “horrific”.

The remains, seemingly deliberately placed on top of the ‘missing dog’ poster, were found by a member of the public today (April 10).

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Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: The remains were found near this bus shelter

The chilling scene was discovered by the side of the road near a bus stop on the A4010 between High Wycombe and Princes Risborough, not far from the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, in Saunderton.

The person who discovered the scene said it was “creepy”, and, after reporting it to Thames Valley Police (TVP) and the RSPCA, contacted the owners to tell them.

However, the owners said their dog had “thankfully” been found after it went missing on March 31.

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Upon hearing about the prank, they described it as “horrific”, adding: “If it was my dog, I’d be devastated.

“And if I found the person responsible, I don’t know what I would do.

“They are like a member of your family. It would be like if someone had called to say my daughter was found mutilated at the side of the road.”

They added: “We have got him back, thankfully. The community were fantastic.

“We had several sightings. He went missing on the Wednesday (March 31) and was found the next day.”

The skeleton – the animal of which is believed to be a badger, according to police – is of a similar size to the dog on the poster, and has a skull, spine, and ribcage intact.

The remains are muddy and there is fur around the muzzle.

A spokesman for TVP said: “We would ask if anybody has any information that can assist, they should call 101, quoting reference number 1071 of April 10.”

The RSPCA have also been contacted.