Part of a major A-road in Bucks could be closed over two weekends for HS2 works.

HS2 is seeking permission for a full closure of the A413 at Little Missenden, so it can divert and install utilities such as water, electricity and telecoms, as part of the Little Missenden vent shaft site construction.

Contractors will also need to install ducting so they can prepare for the construction of a signalised junction, HS2 said.

A spokesman added: “This junction will mean we can safely move vehicles on and off the site, with vent shaft vehicles crossing from the northbound carriageway, across the southbound carriageway and onto the site.”

The work will also involve a trench dug over 22 metres across the whole dual carriageway for utilities.

If the plans are given the go-ahead, the A413 between the Keepers Lane junction to just past Pipers Wood Lane will be closed between 9pm on April 16 and 5am on April 19, and April 23-26.

Bucks Free Press: This map by HS2 Ltd shows where the closure will beThis map by HS2 Ltd shows where the closure will be

People travelling south and further than Little Missenden will see 'road ahead closed' signs and be diverted from Stoke Mandeville and Wendover in the north, onto the A4010.

Little Missenden residents will still be able to travel down the A413 and access the village from Highmore Cottages or Taylors Lane.

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Vehicles heading north will be diverted onto the A404 at Amersham and then the A4010 at High Wycombe.

Writing about why whole weekend closures are required for the works, HS2 said: “We need to undertake a number of different activities, including utility work, throughout the closure area.

“Once the trenches are dug and the works are complete, they will need to be refilled with concrete. This takes time to set.

Bucks Free Press: The diversion route using the A404 and A4010. Map: HS2 LtdThe diversion route using the A404 and A4010. Map: HS2 Ltd

“We cannot allow vehicles to travel over concrete which has not set. We will also need to tarmac the road and repaint the lines and replace any street furniture we have removed.”

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The document also says residents and drivers will be pre-warned, with the notice being sent to all households in Little Missenden and Hyde Heath, and large electronic message boards (VMS) put out on the main roads between Stoke Mandeville and Amersham before the closure to warn drivers.

HS2 says emergency vehicles will not be impacted by the closure as their access “will be managed through the worksite”.

Diversions will be in place with ‘traffic marshals’ placed at “key points” along the diversion, and at the closure points either side of the Little Missenden work site.

To find out more, call the HS2 helpdesk team on 08081 434434 or visit