Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, April 17:


Plan ahead financially. Important matters shouldn't be left to chance. Having some money in savings will allow you to cover emergency expenses. You could be hit with a heavy repair bill later in the month. Bear this in mind should anyone try to push you into doing what you don't want to do with your cash. Jobs requiring deep concentration will go better than you think so don't put these off for another day. Expanding your skills will fill you with happiness.


If there is anything that captures your interest or intrigues you, ask plenty of questions. Don't hold back from volunteering for a stimulating assignment. Bear in mind the saying if you don't ask, you don't get. Suggest joining forces with a talented colleague. They won't think you're being too forward or interfering. They will be flattered you're so keen to join them and out of this new possibilities will arise. This is a good time to take a career risk.


Do your best to hide your feelings if you find yourself having to work or mix with someone you've not got on well with in the past. Don't give them any excuse to accuse you of being awkward. Just because you don't like someone, it doesn't mean they don't deserve a fair chance. A letter, invoice or text message might cause some unease. All it should take is a phone call to ease your mind. It might take time to get through so persevere.


An article in a local newspaper highlighting a charitable venture will deserve some further investigation. An organisation is looking for volunteers and you have skills that could be of help. Working on a charitable or humanitarian project would be a welcome distraction from your own problems. Someone wants you to listen to their imaginative moneymaking scheme. Although the extra income would be welcome, you should question the practicality of this idea.


Somehow you have overloaded yourself with duties and obligations. Promises you have yet to fulfil will add to the pressure. Be firm with yourself and if someone asks you to take on anything else, refuse. Prioritise which matters should be dealt with first. In your off-duty hours walk away from anything that doesn't come under the heading of 'essential'. Once you do, you will feel relief and a wonderful sense of freedom. Splash out on something nicethat will give you pleasure.


You're mixing with someone who is fixed in their ways and their tendency to hold back will frustrate you. Turn a deaf ear to anyone who thinks you are being impulsive or too bold. You would never do anything without a lot of thought and it's up to you what you do. Minor emotional upsets may have a negative effect on your health. If your home life is becoming too stressful it may be time to get a place of your own.


You're too quick to accept a challenge without thinking about the consequences or what kind of mess this could land you in. You're determined to prove yourself to someone but your obsession to do so could ruin a relationship that matters. Your value is evident to anyone who has taken notice of your work. Volunteering to help at a local fundraising event will lift your spirits. It will feel good to be doing your bit for the community.


Be wary about lending or borrowing money. Misunderstandings could spoil a good friendship. Keep reminding yourself that mixing friendship with finances nearly always leads to disaster. A legal matter will be confusing. When you are feeling frustrated, consult an expert. They will explain it all so it's easier to understand. Update your passport if you're thinking about travelling later in the year. Don't leave such things until the last minute.


Unless you have a flexible agenda, it won't be easy to give in to the impulsive spirit around you. A busy pattern of events is likely and although it will be hard to keep up with everything that's going on, you will enjoy this lively pace. You seem to have the Midas touch and a stroke of financial luck will make you very popular. Relatives you haven't been in touch with for ages will suddenly contact you asking nosy questions.


A neighbour will question your involvement in a community scheme but you don't have to justify your actions. For whatever reason, if you want to help people in whichever way you can, follow your conscience. Ignore someone who has nothing to do but pick holes in everyone else. Maintain your mental health by getting closer to nature. In challenging times it's important to get out in the fresh air. Don't underestimate the difference it can make to get outside.


You're having second thoughts about a business or romantic partnership. You never expected it to feel so tying and restrictive. Someone who seemed easy going when you first met has a manipulative side. It will go against your freedom loving spirit to accept some things on another person's terms. Changing your appearance can help improve your outlook. The pay off will be the many admiring glances coming your way. You're ready to make changes in your life.


Use your imagination to strengthen a relationship. Instead of asking someone what you can do, take the initiative. Plan a holiday or book into a country hotel for a weekend break. Be creative as you consider what you might do to add the spice that is lacking in your love life. It will take time, effort and work to achieve a career or study goal. Stick with it. The more support your family and friends are able to give, the more likely you are to persist.