A gym has been criticised by one of its clients after members were asked to pay for the full price of a membership for the month - despite not reopening until April 12.

Lockdown restrictions that came into play at the start of January prohibited gym-goers from using their respected branches, as cases of Covid-19 increased throughout the country.

Following the news, many gyms decided to freeze pay for their members until they reopened on Monday, April 12 – the same day as non-essential shops, libraries, and beer gardens.

However, Anytime Fitness in Aylesbury has asked its members to pay for the full price for April, despite reopening 12 days into the month.

The Anytime Fitness branch in Aylesbury opened in November 2013

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Other gyms within the area have reportedly not asked their members to do the same thing.

The gym member, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “On April 1, members of Anytime Fitness in Aylesbury received an email explaining two points.

• The gym was being taken over (but remaining an Anytime Fitness gym)

• They’re charging us for April, the full amount despite not being able to open until April 12.

“Many others and I are appalled by this and [we] have emailed to try and get further information on how there was no notice.

“Even when emailing, there was still a lack of information.

“One of the responses included the following in one email: 'We understand this situation is difficult but this was why minimal notice was given’, as well as, ‘we only have limited billing options for what we can do and we took the option that was best for the club and its membership base as well.’

There are several branches across the country (photo from Anytime Fitness)

There are several branches across the country (photo from Anytime Fitness)

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“Members were not consulted or informed, so how they decided it was best for membership base is bizarre.

“Business talk about loyalty but where is the respect for their customers.

“Total disregard in that this early payment has the potential to put people into their overdrafts.”

A spokesperson from Anytime Fitness said: “As a franchised health club operator, all Anytime Fitness clubs are independently owned local businesses, and billing options vary from club-to-club.

“During the latest lockdown, the Anytime Fitness Aylesbury club transitioned to new ownership in order to secure the future of this community-owned health club and ensure they can open their doors on April 12.

“This means the club and its new owners need the support of its members more than ever, after having eight months with no income in the past year and having to take on significant outgoings that were unable to be deferred.

The gym offers several different facilities (photo from Anytime Fitness)

The gym offers several different facilities (photo from Anytime Fitness)

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“The decision was taken to bill members in full for April and as a locally owned business, Anytime Fitness Aylesbury is delighted to be able to reopen its doors again.

“We appreciate the members’ understanding and the club is now looking forward to supporting the local community with their health and wellbeing goals, and rewarding members for their unwavering loyalty in the future.”

The Aylesbury branch of Anytime Fitness opened in November 2013. 

For more information, visit www.anytimefitness.co.uk/gyms/uk-0023/aylesbury-south-east-hp20-1ur.