RESIDENTS are trying to ban HGVs and other large vehicles from using certain roads they claim are being ‘choked’ by a “huge increase” in their number.

Great Kingshill Residents’ Association is campaigning Bucks Council to prohibit various large vehicles from driving through parts of the village, some of which they claim have no business being there.

An online petition was started due to “a huge increase in the number of HGVs, coaches, skip lorries and demolition vehicles using its small, narrow roads.”

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It attributes some of this to HS2 and the Binders Yard Industrial Estate, adding: “At present we are seeing circa 30 lorries per day just in Cockpit Road alone, which becomes very narrow around Common Road and is peppered with parked cars on one side.”

Bucks Free Press:

PICTURED: A view down Cockpit Road

It argues HS2 related traffic “should not be travelling through Great Kingshill at all”.

It also claims “large coaches” are “choking” Pipers Lane with traffic “every week day”.

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It added: “Some of these vehicles are exceeding the 30mph speed limit on these often narrow lanes, causing further danger to school children, walkers, animals, cyclists and (often elderly) villagers.”

“The larger waste vehicles may also be carrying unsecured loads,” it said.

It fears the volume of traffic will only increase due to works on the A355/A413.

It also fears a new traffic calming measure in Widmer End “will surely lead to further increases from local traffic”.

“This petition requests that Buckinghamshire Council takes permanent action to ban these vehicles from certain roads in the village, which enjoys both an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty status and Green Belt designation,” the petition reads.

It goes on to say: “The intention is that HGVs (and similar vehicles) be prohibited from using Cockpit Road, Pipers Lane, Common Road, Copes Road, Stag Lane and Spurlands End Road, except where necessary for access to homes and businesses.”

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