An incredible aerial photo of High Wycombe from the 1990s shows how much the town has changed in almost 30 years.

Taken by the BFP’s We Grew Up in Wycombe Facebook group member SJ Machrihanish, the shot shows the town centre from the sky in around 1992.

Members were asked to spot what has changed since then.

Mr Machrihanish said: “The school you can see above Garratts Way, top right – you can’t see that today,” with Paul Walden adding: “That’s Bellfield school, now replaced with houses.”

Ian Montgomery commented: “Gasometers bottom left have gone, replaced with housing,” while Jo Galley wrote: “I can see the flat that I lived in in ‘92 in Wyatt Close and the house that I lived in years later had just been built in Garratts Way.”

Allah Ditta Yaqub noticed the Eden Shopping Centre hadn’t been built yet (it came many years later, in 2008), and Heather Stanley also picked up Bellfield Middle School, adding: “Bellfield First is just poking itself into the picture across the playing fields above the main school. I went to both.

“In fact, apart from Wycombe High, where I did my sixth form, none of my schools exist anymore as I was a Lady Verney girl.

“Sainsburys and its old car park is still in its old location too just above the wing on the very right of the photo.”

Peter Oxbrow spotted the DSS building on the corner of Oxford Road and Bellfield Road, where Sainsbury’s now stands, while Dinna Burnett said she could see “the old exit from Tesco/Newland car park, and the curved surface car park near the Gate pub”.

And Deb Keegan wrote: “I used to like the Iceland that was down where that yellow bus was on the bottom left.”

What changes or similarities can you see in the picture? Let us know in the comments below.

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