Earlier today a plane had to make a controlled crash landing in a field near Wycombe Air Park. 

The two-seater propeller-driven light aircraft came down in a field north of the air park as firefighters from High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, and Wycombe Air Park's own fire crew all dashed to the scene to help.

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The pilot was left in the care of the ambulance service but Bucks Fire and Rescue said they were not believed to have been injured.

Here we have taken a look at some of the past aircraft crashed that have happened in Bucks in recent years.

Wycombe Air Park plane crash - 2011

A light aircraft crashed as it was taking off from Wycombe Air Park in June 2011.

Photos taken by Jon Fuller show the damage done to the plane after it 'cartwheeled' and lost its wing.

Passengers were described as “lucky” to have walked away from the crash, Cheryle Dickson, who was sitting in the front of the aircraft, told the Bucks Free Press “the pilot saved us all”.

She also revealed that told how they both returned to the skies three days later in a highly emotional flight to try to overcome the trauma of the accident.

Bucks Free Press: Pictures courtesy of Jon FullerPictures courtesy of Jon Fuller

Waddesdon Manor aircraft collision - 2017

A helicopter and a Cessna aircraft collided at 1,000ft in mid-air over historic Waddesdon Manor killing four men.

There were two men in each of the aircraft, Captain Michael Green, 74, Saavan Mundae, an 18-year-old Bucks New University student, Jaspal Bahra, 27, and Trung Nguyen, aged 32.

Mr Nguyen was receiving flying training with veteran instructor Michael Green in the helicopter when the tail of the Cessna 152 plane was clipped by the Cabri G2 helicopter.

Bucks Free Press: Pictures from the scene by UKNIPPictures from the scene by UKNIP

Wycombe Air Park helicopter crash - 2017

A trainee helicopter pilot died after a helicopter crash at Wycombe Air Park in May 2017.

Whilst on a training flight, his instructor failed to regain control of the aircraft during an aborted landing.

There were three men on board the Airbus AS350 with the pilot dying some weeks after the accident.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) said it was not known why the instructor was unable to right the aircraft.

Bucks Free Press: Photo from South Central Ambulance ServicePhoto from South Central Ambulance Service

Denham Green plane landing crash -2006

The aircraft was completing a flight from Durham Tees Valley Airport before crashing in a wooded area just off the runway.

The descent was initiated some 25 minutes before the intended landing and on the final approach for the runway, the right engine ran down.

The pilot attempted to increase power on the left engine but it did not appear to respond with the aircraft descended into a wooded area short of the runway, seriously injuring all those on board.

The investigation identified that fuel starvation of both engines was the cause of the accident.

Bucks Free Press: Photo from the Bureau of Aircraft Accidents ArchivesPhoto from the Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives

Denham Airfield Spitfire crash -2019

A Spitfire crash-landed at Denham Airfield in February 2019 when one of its undercarriage legs failed, air accident investigators have said.

The Mk.T IX, built during World War Two, lost the right leg of the aircraft as it collapsed when landing.

An Air Accidents Investigation Branch report said a green light which showed that the undercarriage was down had been on.

Both the pilot and a passenger were uninjured.

Bucks Free Press: Photo from Air Accidents Investigation BranchPhoto from Air Accidents Investigation Branch