Restrictions have been lifted (slightly), the weather is getting warmer, and summer is just around the corner.

With the future looking bright, many people are now preparing for their summer holidays.

Going abroad may still be pushing the boundaries due to the ongoing pandemic, but with stage three of lockdown restrictions coming into play on May 17, many people are now preparing for their summer holidays across the country.

Some of these people could be heading to Bucks, so, to help them make it a visit to remember, let us look at some of the best pubs to visit in the county according to Tripadvsior.

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Number 5: The Old Brewery, Marlow

A real favourite in the town, The Old Brewery in Marlow is situated on the town’s High Street and has a prime location for parking spaces, with Liston Court, West Street and the Higginson Park Car Parks all being a short walk away from the establishment.

The Old Brewery is currently ranked as the town’s 23rd best restaurant/pub in the town and its surrounding areas, with the venue boasting 99 reviews – 68 of them being ‘excellent’ with 15 of them being ‘good’.

The Old Brewery in Marlow

The Old Brewery in Marlow

And even though they may be shut until May 17, they still offer a wide variety of options on their menu for both food and drink.

One reviewer said: “So Covid safe!

“Tasty food and amazing customer service!

“Who’s have thought this beautiful pub could get better over time and it really has!

“Love it and can’t wait to come back again when this all passes over.”

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Number 4: The Swan, Great and Little Kimble

Tucked away in the tiny civil parish of Great and Little Kimble, the Swan has a loyal customer-base, but is known to attract visitors from in and around the Aylesbury area due to their high-quality food and service.

Based on Grove Lane, the venue currently has 54 reviews on the website with no-one giving The Swan a ‘poor’ or ‘terrible’ review as of yet.

Instead, 30 reviews have described the pub as ‘excellent’, 17 people have called the venue ‘very good’, whilst six people have called it ‘average.’

The Swan is also known for their Sunday lunches, as well as their wide selection of drinks.

The Swan in Great and Little Kimble

The Swan in Great and Little Kimble

This reviewer said: “Thank you to the team at The Swan for an exceptional roast pork lunch.

“The generous serving was cooked to perfection and I think that the crackling was the best I've ever tasted. The bar staff are polite and attentive.

“The locals are friendly and welcoming.”

If you fancy a different place to visit, try the Swan.

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Number 3: The Bell: Chearsley

Another pub that is based in a small civil parish in Bucks is the Bell in Chearsley.

With 42 of its 61 reviews being marked as ‘excellent’, the Bell on Church Lane has a strong, loyal customer base due to how small Chearsley is, whilst also gaining popularity as a stop-gap for those travelling through the area.

The pub offers hot and cold drinks as well as a kid’s menu.

The Bell in Chearsley

The Bell in Chearsley

The Bell is also based not too far away from where a scene was shot for the ITV show, Midsomer Murders.

This reviewer said: “We stopped at The Bell on our way back from Waddesdon Manor.

“A lovely country pub with a lovely garden.

“A good selection of ales, friendly staff & amazing sandwiches.

A hidden gem in Bucks.

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Number 2: Brewhouse & Kitchen, Milton Keynes

It wouldn’t be a top-five list without a Milton Keynes entry.

Many customers have praised the Savoy Crescent 12th Street venue for service, with the establishment being known for its ‘American type food’.

With an all day, brunch and children’s menu, there will be something for everyone who visits, with Brewhouse & Kitchen also holding events.

There is also nutritional info guide on the website that will let customers know how many calories, fat, salt etc in each dish.

The Brewhouse & Kitchen in Milton Keynes

The Brewhouse & Kitchen in Milton Keynes

Additionally, the venue is ranked as the 60th best in the town from the 297 that are in Milton Keynes, with 163 reviews being submitted.

This user said: “The server was excellent and allowed us to taste different beers to put together our sampler board.

“Appetizers were fantastic.

“Very relaxed and comfortable place to visit.”

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Number 1: Heidrun: High Wycombe

Ranked as the 27th best restaurant in High Wycombe out of 172, Heidrun takes the top spot on our list.

The Pauls Row location is known for its large range of food and drink and they also offer their customers vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Out of its 142 reviews, 92 people have described Heidrun as ‘excellent’ with 28 people describing the venue as ‘good’, so it’s no surprise that it's also been ranked as the ninth-best bar in the town out of 34.

The bar is also known for its craft beer, and with the summer coming up, this could be in demand as lockdown restrictions lift.

This reviewer said: “Heidrun is one of my favourite bars in High Wycombe.

Heidrun in High Wycombe

Heidrun in High Wycombe

“There are several reasons for this. The team and management are very friendly and regulars are treated well.

“There is a great selection of craft beers available, which change regularly to showcase a broad variety of the world's finest breweries.

“The food is also of a high standard, offering the best burger in Wycombe too.

“The bar itself is a pleasant and comfortable environment to drink in.

“Overall, I would highly recommend Heidrun!”

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