CELEBRITY Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, May 1:


Hurt and disappointment of the past lingers. Let it out. Have that cry. Remember this feeling is only temporary. Things will improve. Without pain and challenge you would not experience lessons and growth. Admit to how you feel and allow yourself to heal and move on. You sense you aren’t being told the truth. Cut through the lies and this will clear the path ahead for you. Your mind is sharp and you’re in a good position to make sensible decisions.


You aren’t in a rush. Nothing will distract you from your intentions and you should get plenty opportunity to plan your personal progress. Encouraging news received from an official source will make you hopeful for the future. Everyday expenses are increasing which brings the need to revise the household budget. Someone at home is hoping you will agree to cut down on your spending. It won’t do you any harm to Keep them happy.


What’s done is done. It can’t be changed so don’t spend too long worrying about it. Put it all down to experience. Everything you go through is a lesson in life. Start planning positively for the future. Expect progress to be slow especially if you are dealing with red tape, coping with issues impacted by the virus or fighting a legal battle. Someone who let you down will give a shame faced apology before the week is over.


Accept disappointments gracefully. Release your attachment to an outcome. Trust that what is meant to happen will happen. Allow divine timing to unfold. Let gratitude be your attitude now. Count your blessings and be grateful for the things you have rather than dwelling on what you haven’t got. Paste on a smile and be patient. Be open to new experiences and you will meet like-minded people to help you along the way.


You might be thinking about changing jobs. If you are unemployed you feel more confident about your efforts to find a job. New qualifications improve your chance of moving forward in your career. Don’t be put off therefore by an unexpected objection. Quiet persistence will work to your advantage. In one to one relationships of any kind it would be better to avoid making serious decisions. Someone could be holding information back that will change everything.


A youngster in the family is annoyed with themselves for having failed at something that meant a lot to them. You have some great ideas on how to get them interested in other subjects. With your help, they will soon get over their disappointment. There could be some exciting things in store to do with a group of friends who are planning a journey to a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Be quick to show your interest.


You are giving a lot of your time and energy to a good cause and through this you really are helping to make a difference in other people’s lives. Helping others is a natural extension of your kind personality. You have found your voice and you are using it for social good. You are diplomatic and skilful in negotiation and your positive attitude will turn the tide in your favour. Keep up the good work.


Exciting things are happening. You might feel confused about some people’s ideas but if they sound interesting, let them get on with it and go with the flow. You will soon pick up on what they are planning and have been trying to explain. You can be intuitive although you will try to analyse a situation which calls for an important decision. When this doesn’t work you will end up relying on your hunches as you make your choice.


You will be called on to make some snap decisions when you would rather have time to think about it. Still, you will cope really well. After giving up a lot of your time and energy to help out an ungrateful friend or neighbour, you’re learning about the benefit of putting your own wishes first more often. You’re ready to be more assertive in a close relationship. The test of a partner’s devotion will rest in their reaction when they realise they can’t always have their own way.


You have poured your energy into building new foundations for your future. It will take time for your goals to fully manifest but, after the tough times you have been through, you aren’t in a rush. Friends and colleagues admire your patience. You are curious about some suggestions other people are making. Show your interest as you will be intrigued about where this might take you. There are opportunities ahead. Don’t let uncertainty prevent you from going after something new.


You welcome any change from routine and any opportunity to explore new places. Rather than panic, when something unexpected crops up, you will sort this out as calmly as possible. There’s a lot to get through but one way or another you will find a way to make new commitments work without them causing you too much inconvenience. You have skills that are useful even if this means going back to a job or activity you never expected to return to.


You will be enjoying mixing with intelligent and versatile people who bring variety and interest into your life. You aren’t yet sure where you stand with someone when they seem to have things going on they aren’t letting on about. This won’t bother you unduly for as long as you get on well together and you’re having fun, you respect that some people will prefer to keep their private life private.