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Last week football supporters across the United Kingdom were united in fury at the emergence of the proposed European Super League, a project to hijack the game to the advantage of a few super-rich clubs and the disadvantage of everybody else.

Credit to the politicians, and notably to Mr Johnson, for seizing the bull by the horns and threatening to do all in their power to thwart the venture.

One thing puzzles me. On her Twitter account, Joy Morrissey, MP for Beaconsfield, announces that she was present at a meeting last week where the Prime Minister and Oliver Dowden, sports minister, met various representatives of the sport to discuss its future.

My question is, why? What was it thought that this lady - raised in the un-soccer-friendly environs of Indiana with no previous record of interest in the beautiful game - actually brought to the table?

I think we should be told.

Paul Burden, Marlow


‘I’m just an ordinary fan’

This poem was written before the decision to disband the European Super League was taken:

I am not your modern day footballer
Who collects his wages in a hay loader 
From the Premier League pay loader
Aided by Sky TV and BT money bag dream makers,
So happy to pay ‘the fakers and the takers’ on and off the field
So happy to take hard earned brass from the working class
I’m just an ordinary fan.
‘I am what I am’
What happened to the working man’s game?
Hijacked by those who just seek money, and fame
Which just isn’t funny
To those who follow the beautiful game,
It’s a crying shame,
To forget your roots like that!
No I’m no trend setter,
No go getter,
No position seeker,
No power climber,
No football cheater,
No racist banter,
No foul mouthed ranter,
No ‘prima donna’.
I’m no crowd pleaser just a word teaser, 
No people pleaser, who’s just trying to fool ya.
Just a football fan, that’s who I am...
Perhaps a word rhymer,
A letter writer,
A campaign fighter,
Maybe a ‘fire starter; of ideas; or a motivator?
The power is in the written word;
Mightier than all the chairmen of the board.
No streets here paved with football gold;
Paid for by the ordinary fans, I’m told; 
Even the poor families, their grandads and grans...
No money to line my pockets, with private shares and off shore tax havens,
No gimmicks,
No greedy owners, directors and football agents
With their slimy tricks, just in it for what they can take,
No hangers on,
No football politics...
I’m just an ordinary fan.
So please don’t exploit me.

Simon Icke, Aston Clinton

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