A man wearing a sign claiming he is "terrified" for younger generations because of the climate crisis blocked a road in Amersham at the weekend in a peaceful protest.

The man, named to the Bucks Free Press only as John, blocked Sycamore Road in Amersham on Saturday, May 1.

His sign read: "I’m terrified for those born after 2000 because of the climate crisis."

Sitting in the way of oncoming traffic, John said he risked his life to speak out about the climate crisis and the government's "inaction".

John was reportedly one of a number of people up and down the country who decided to take part in a sit-down protest in town and city streets.

He told the Bucks Free Press a few bystanders were "annoyed" at his protest but most were supportive, however police were called and he was asked to move to the pavement.

John said on Saturday: "Two years ago today Parliament declared an environment and climate emergency, but the UK’s lack of practical actions means we remain on course for the worst-case environmental scenarios.

"The National Audit Office warns us that the government’s climate plans are failing to materialise – it has failed in 17 of 21 progress indicators.

"The government must do far more, as must we all, or those born after 2000 will witness collapsed ecosystems, slashed crop yields, and economic and social chaos.

"And their children and children’s children will suffer much, much more through increased deaths due to heat stroke, new diseases, and much less food availability because desertification and flooding will reduce arable land worldwide."

The protest was a part of Extinction Rebellion’s ‘waves’ of Rebellion for 2021.